Dark Souls II: Great Game, But A Bit Crusty On Consoles

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has a detailed breakdown of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the new (very good) Dark Souls II. It sounds like neither version is without its share of technical issues, although they say the 360 version is the smoother one in terms of framerate.

Might be worth waiting for PC after all...


    looksz liek ps4 wins again native 1080p SUK IT XBONERS!!!1!!!1111

      oh god i hope you're just trying to be funny...

      TIL that people can't sense sarcasm on the Internet.

    The fact that people fell in love with Dark Souls DESPITE the nightmare that was Blight-Town shows that now everyone pins all their gaming desicions on resolution and framerates.

      Didn't you know anything below 1080p and 60fps is completely unplayable and always has been through the history of gaming.

        Blight-town sometimes dipped down to something insanely slow. Didn't put me off though.

      Nightmare? I thought that was part of the challenge. Time would slow down and become less fluid. Now you're telling me it was NOT an intended part of the game?!?

      But if you have the same game on multiple platforms why wouldn't you always choose the one that gives you the smoothest experience?

      I think the majority of people use Resolution and Framerate as an additional point to consider not something that overrides everything else.

        That's definitely, true, but then there are other people who use Resolution and Framerate as the main point in their purchase. To each their own I guess, but I'm just as happy with Dark Souls 2 as it is on current consoles as I would be on next gen.

          I will admit its an incredibly hard wait for the PC version but for me personally I think it will be worth it in the end :D


    Yes, I think I'll wait for the PC version.

    I played a few hours last night on PS3 and the frame rate was extremely smooth and solid (that's right, I got it a day before release, just about the only good thing EB have ever done to me)

      I'm playing it on PS3 now, no frame-rate issues so far, or glitches for that matter. So far so good.
      Now I must s-l-e-e-p...
      Oh crap, time to go to work!

    The tearing looks pretty bad on that video on the 360. I was tossing up which platform to buy it on, but it was available yesterday in-store for the PS3, so I grabbed it. Looks like it might have been the better choice.
    Will probably pick it up on PC if it turns out to be noticeably better, but I'll wait and see if it is crashy on Windows.

    My takeaway from this: PS3 has redder fire.

    Last edited 14/03/14 12:57 pm

      My takeaway from this: You've missed the fact it's not yet on PS4 or Xbone.

        Better? I went into auto "Next gen comparison mode."

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