Dark Souls II On The PC Now Has An Australian Release Date

If you play on PC, it's been a dark couple of weeks for Dark Souls fans. Dark Souls II is coming out on consoles soon. What to do? Hand in your Master Race card and suffer the console downgrade, or hold out for PC superiority. This information might help you make your decision: we now have an Australian release date for Dark Souls II on PC.

And that date is 25 April.

It's roughly five weeks after the release of Dark Souls II on console, which hits stores next week on 14 March.

Now the question is: can you wait? Are you going to wait? I'm planning to play on my Xbox 360, and I know I'd be fairly gutted to miss out on that early sharing and enthusiasm.

It's also worth noting that Dark Souls II most likely won't suffer the same issues that the original Dark Souls had on PC.

"We’re conscious of the high expectations from PC gamers and are working with FROMSOFTWARE in ensuring that the PC version of Dark Souls II offers the best experience possible," said Mathieu PIAU, EMEA Marketing Director at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe.

Last time the PC version of the game was notoriously bad, rushed out quickly.

Welp, I guess that makes the decision doubly difficult.

Choose wisely.


    not soon enough.

    but still... HYPE.

    I stupidly will end up buying both. I don't want to miss the early community focus on cracking the thing much like when FEZ was released. I also want to play it as pretty as possible. More money than sense I guess.

    More so I would really like to know what happens in that six weeks that improves the game for release. I assume it is programmed on a PC. Anyone with actual knowledge have any insight to this.

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      The Dark Souls Facebook page states that, with regards to the PC version:
      * PC version has been optimised for mouse/keyboard play
      * Enhanced framerate options will exist
      * Improved texturing


      I have a Collector's for PC ordered, but I'm not about to sit around with my thumb up my arse for 5 weeks.

      Stupid? More like BRILLIANT! I bought the first one twice because it's that good that it was worth it! Plus more support to the devs who actually deserve it imo :D

        Yeah I only got into the Souls games early last year. Got Dark Souls for 7 bucks off steam and Demons Souls for free through PS+ I do not begrudge them a single dollar they definitely deserve it.

      It's just to be dicks IMO. AFAIK, development occurs on a PC. Then they put it on a dev kit hardware, see if it runs. Doesn't run? Reduce visuals. Still runs choppy? Reduce game mechanic demand on CPU.

      PC release should just be the dev version from the first fork.

      Then again, I could understand this wrong.

    Avoid paying $90US on Steam

    Preorder a steam key for $50US on greenmangaming - http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/au/en/pc/games/action/dark-souls-ii-na/

    and use the 20% off code on the front page to buy it for $40 (discount code ends today)

    I'll be waiting for the PC version. I still have to play DK Tropical Freeze and Infamouse Second Son will be out soonish too so I'll have enough to keep me occupied.

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      I'm a fan of GMG, but they always screw up when it comes to preorders. They oversell and people end up waiting a week for their key, or the key is used, it happens every single time. Not making that mistake again.

        Didn't know that happens to GMG lol. I never preorder for a CD key. Doesn't feel secure at all :(. I always buy them after.

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        Damn, I've only had to wait for a key beyond release date once and have never seen an already used key.

        I get one from g2play, never had a problem.

        I've preordered Skyrim and Batman Arkham Origins via gmg without a problem

        I've uses them plenty of times with no issues. That being said g2play is good as well

      Damn, you're right, they charge $90 for the game on steam. I had to look twice.
      And the US price is $50...

    There's only six days to wait for true believers (even if you intend to get another Master Race copy later).

    I was going to resist the temptation and wait for the PC release.......but the closer we get to console release the more I cant...........wow look there goes the Hype train, guess I better get on board......no must wait.....but....but...its dark souls.

    on second thoughts I'll just get both !

    I will certainly be buying this for PS3 then PC at a later date. I regret nothing!

    This is one of those games where being one of the first people to explore it will be particularly exciting.

    I came in to Dark Souls pretty late, and even though it was all new to me, it was kind of sad knowing that there weren't really any secrets left to find, that the entire world was mapped out and tamed in many ways. Exploring Dark Souls 2 for the first time is going to be magnificent.

    I was excited, but then I realised that by the time I finish NG and NG+ in Dark Souls, I'll need a break... and then I still have Demon's Souls sitting there unplayed...

    So I'll probably be sitting out both versions for the immediate future and waiting for the inevitable xbone/PS4 version!

    especially cause I preordered the collector's on pc which now has a t-shirt instead of statue.
    I secured a ps3 one though so I'll just get a cheap pc key one day much later.
    5 weeks is not a couple weeks like the devs claimed and there is no excuse for hiding the changes to the balck Armour and collector editions on pc.

      Interesting. I don't see a CE listed for PC any more, maybe the supplier said they won't be doing the CE with the later PC shipments, but here have a shirt for orders you've already taken.

      Wait wait wait... T-Shirt? Since when? Link?

        Found some mentions online about the shirt and a pretty real looking promotional poster with it included. Can't stand getting f'd with the T-Shirt so I've gone PS3 instead. Can pick it up later on Steam when it's inevitably $10 in 12 months.

        The leaked image has turned out to be real. If you look you get a standard edition with a dlc code for the weapons but no tin case, no statue, friggin XXXXXXXL T-shirt and I think no more soundtrack. In other words FFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUU Namco Bandai.

    Sooo... its released on a public holiday? Suppose its a lot less important digitally but seems odd for retail. Still, it'll make an ideal birthday present the day after.

      I thought that too. Very odd to be releasing anything on a national holiday when all the retail shops will be closed (at least in the morning).

    Pfft, nuts to that! I'm getting the collectors edition on PS3!! As it was meant to be played!!!

    Release date is about 3 weeks too late for the holidays, so PS3 it is.

    Pre-ordered Steam version for US$40 after coupon via GMG. I like Dark Souls but I wasn't prepared to get hideously ripped off by paying US$90 from the Steam website...

    I hope if they do port to PS4 that it shares servers with PS3 so I can play on PS4 with a mate on PS3 etc.

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