Dark Souls II Players Have Already Died 4.3 Million Times

Dark Souls II Players Have Already Died 4.3 Million Times

Dying happens a lot in Dark Souls II. How often specifically? Millions of times since the game's release yesterday.

Some eagle-eyed players might have spotted the death obelisk in the town of Majula. Lucky for us, the folks behind the game have a website that you can check while at work or on the go.

As of this writing, there have been roughly 1.3 million deaths on the 360 version, and almost 3 million deaths on the PS3 version. Most of the deaths are from enemies, with fall deaths a close second and traps in third. Phantom invasions do not even come close.

Roughly 60 billion souls have been lost.

I'm a bit sceptical as to the number of people that have beaten the game though. Only three on the PS3 and 1657 on the 360? That can't be right. Sometimes I think you guys don't even want to praise the sun.

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    Hmmm, 3 million deaths on the PS3, and 1.3million on the 360, but only 3 people beating the game and 1657 beating it on 360? Sounds suss to me. Hope there isn't an exploit on the 360.

      I was thinking the same thing, or maybe we suck on dark souls 2 on ps3 lol.

      Could be that the XBox360 audience is more focused on completion while PS3 players are more about enjoying the game? It does sound a bit strange though.

      Could be more indicative of a demographic split between the two consumer bases. Could be that the Playstation players skew slightly older and thus haven't had time to finish the game for a number of reasons. The death count could just be indicative of where the game is selling more.

      It's because the ps3 servers aren't working properly so it's probably not recording stats.

    Meant to be a reply, delete if you want.

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    I'm going to wait for the next gen versions or till I see it cheap somewhere. The memories of all those Dark Souls deaths still haunt my dreams.

    Still amazed that deaths is the most common thing in Dark Souls games.

    And people like it.

    Where is this attitude for other games >_>

      Games really do produce their own gaming cultures don't they?

      Hopefully that attitude can rub off on some other games in the future..

    The sun? I have heard legends of such a thing. Something about it being beyond the world known as, the inside

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    It's because network features for the PS3 version of DS2 were down for the last two days pre-launch, while the xbox version wasn't, it just hasn't updated yet.

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