Dark Souls II Players Have Already Died 4.3 Million Times

Dark Souls II Players Have Already Died 4.3 Million Times

Dying happens a lot in Dark Souls II. How often specifically? Millions of times since the game’s release yesterday.

Some eagle-eyed players might have spotted the death obelisk in the town of Majula. Lucky for us, the folks behind the game have a website that you can check while at work or on the go.

As of this writing, there have been roughly 1.3 million deaths on the 360 version, and almost 3 million deaths on the PS3 version. Most of the deaths are from enemies, with fall deaths a close second and traps in third. Phantom invasions do not even come close.

Roughly 60 billion souls have been lost.

I’m a bit sceptical as to the number of people that have beaten the game though. Only three on the PS3 and 1657 on the 360? That can’t be right. Sometimes I think you guys don’t even want to praise the sun.

[via Beyond the Bonfire]

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