Diablo III's 'Deadmau5' Easter Egg Will Make Enemies Dance

Diablo III's 'Deadmau5' Easter Egg Will Make Enemies Dance

I always thought Blizzard devs were mostly metalheads, but it seems that's not the case anymore. With Reaper of Souls, they have added a rather special item called 'Halcyon's Ascent', which has electronic dance music artist Deadmau5 written all over it.

It is a legendary amulet, with relatively bad stats (see below) except one: If you use one particular skill while wearing it, enemies around you will dance for a few seconds. What does all this have to do with Deadmau5? Just look at the shape of the amulet. It's his signature mask. And the item's description references one his songs (Raise Your Weapon) as well.

The item shouldn't be really rare. It was my first legendary drop last night while exploring the new act of the expansion:

Diablo III's 'Deadmau5' Easter Egg Will Make Enemies Dance

Otherwise, Deadmau5 is not hiding the fact that he plays Diablo III too. This is one of his characters. Man, that helmet was worth a lot before the expansion!

Top gif via Jaetch


    Soooo, for 8 seconds enemies can't attack you? What's the cooldown on Vengeance?

      90 seconds.

        Oh well that's ok then. Though I can't help but wonder what this spawns with for other classes (e.g. what's the Monk version) and if there exists one that - through use of Cooldown reductions - eventuates in a perpetual dance amulet.

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