Briefly: Read This Hilarious Write-Up About The 'Schlongs Of Skyrim' (NSFW)

She couples it with the "Bathing Beefcake Luxury Suite" mod. It's as amusing as it sounds.

S.EXE: Hot Mods (NSFW) [RPS]


    Looking forward to your follow-up article: "The Mammaries of Morrowind".

    Great article, Patricia. Oh no, wait, no it's just one screen shot and one line of text. At least there's a link this time....

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      Never really been a fan of her work, but you guys love to ignore the difference between an article and a blip huh?

        People complain about the quality and length of articles. Kotaku continues to operate as usual but with the addition of "Briefly:" on half their stuff. Not exactly a big mystery why people continue to complain.

        I can't speak for anyone else, but my problem isn't just with Patricia's work, but the lack of work and effort we constantly see on Aus Kotaku, which this is just another example of. Instead of journalists working hard and giving us good local content, we get re-posts from the US site. On top of that, the Aus site isn't even set up to properly give us said re-posts. These "blips" wouldn't be a problem if it was obvious that's what it was before clicking, but from the main page it appears to be a full article. It's lazy and comes across as little more than click bait. If I knew it was a "blip" rather than an actual article I wouldn't have bothered.

        As for Patricia herself, most of her work is either lazy or intentionally controversial, hence why she doesn't appear to have many fans (admittedly though, she has toned it down a bit lately).

          Sure, I have my complaints about the way the site operates too, but making sarcastic comments about it surely has no effect as seen by the way the site continues to post.
          Usually when the tile says Briefly though it's usually one of these blips.

          And even if they didn't make it obvious, the point of these blips are for drawing your attention to outside sources and usually covering specialized interest subjects.

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          intentionally controversial
          Read: disliked by entitled male gamers.

            Read: disliked by entitled male gamers

            Read: someone who clearly hasn't read a Hernandez article.

              Read: someone who clearly hasn't read a Hernandez article.


              Read: someone who lurks on Kotaku solely for commenting on Hernandez articles

            Actually, I'm not a male gamer, so your comment doesn't really stand. Does she occasionally have a point? Yes. But her points are usually lost under a shit tonne of hyperbole and controversy.

          Are you serious about "lack of work and effort" on Aus Kotaku. Mark Serrels is one of - if not the - best bloody gaming journo in the country at the moment. His work is rightfully award-winning and something many other writers can only aspire to.

    At least it's more than one sentence for a change.

    Patricia seems like that lass who works at your work, but is probably only there to fill a race, gender, sexual prefence or religious view position so as to keep the PC investors happy. Say what you want about Ashcraft, but at least his articles on the odd occasion have more than one sentence and a picture/gif as the content.

      I'm not for gifs, but am for more than 1 sentence. Also while I do not really bother reading Ashcrafts articles as they're all mainly Japanese culture and I've had my fair share of it, his articles are more than a sentence long so that's a plus I guess.

      I guess everyone has their category to fill and or talk about.

    This isn't the most disturbing mod for Skyrim, someone has made a mod that makes horses more "anatomically correct"

      best comment in this article by far.

      also, sadlol.

    Eh she just was excited to show us dongs. Can't blame her for liking them.

      Definitely something that will get people talking.

      If that were the case, then why use screen shots where they're edited out?

    Front page link says 109 comments. Only 10 comments here.
    Yeah, looks like there's a lot of moderation waiting to happen today. Glad it's not me doing that job.

      Haha just realised that. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm curious about those comments now.

      Mine says 19, but if there really is 109 comments I can't wait to read 109 times the content of the actual article. :p

      I get there are people who don't often relate to her work, but many just use that as an excuse to hide a really big gender issue.
      (Go to any online publication site and you will see the same thing, even if it's not a special interest piece relating to females and gaming)

      I have never been much of a fan to be honest, but some people are just idiots

    Kotaku: come for the games, stay for the complaints of lonely, entitled mra shitbags.

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