Doc Brown Brings 'Real' Back To The Future Hoverboards To Los Angeles

Doc Brown Brings 'Real' Back to the Future Hoverboards To Los Angeles

Anyone who saw Back to the Future II came out of the theatre wishing they had a hoverboard. One day, we told ourselves. One day hoverboards would become a reality. Is that day today? Well, no.

This video may scream "fake viral campaign!" in a dozen different ways, but it's still awfully fun, from the solid visual effects to the celebrity appearances. (Hi Doc Brown!)

The ad proports to be for HUVrTech, whose website doesn't immediately betray what, precisely, they're actually all about. The site shows a "destination date" of December 2014, so maybe we'll learn more then.

They've also made a video explaining how the technology works:

"I have no idea how it works," says noted musician Moby. "I'm baffled by the technology. But then again I'm baffled by most technology." Sure, Moby. If you say so.

Doc Brown Brings 'Real' Back to the Future Hoverboards To Los Angeles

Thanks to reader Wes for the heads-up!


    Viral campaign for a BTTF reboot.

      Starring a big named celebrity whose face will be just the poster and the story will be about saving the world or destroying a corporate machine.

      Last edited 05/03/14 5:14 pm

      Commented over on Giz, but Gale and Zemeckis have repeatedly stated that there won't be a BTTF 4... More likely something to do with the musical that's premiering next year.

        being that its 2015 next year, say its the start for celebrations and i cant wait. BTTF party.

    *sigh* What's sad is that you know people would fall for it...

      I wouldn't say they are falling for it. They just desperately want to believe.
      Deep down they know it's fake.

    Yo, it goes science
    Yeah science is amazing
    But not to me though cause I am sick of waiting
    I've been patient
    I really have, I've been reasonable
    Now it's time to say what I needed to
    Dear science, cheers for the iPods
    White goods, yeah thank you for the cyborgs
    Top work on the light bulb
    That was quite cool
    But where's my hoverboard?
    I mean I know you've been busy
    But no hoverboards just seems a bit piss weak
    I got a brand new computer and a big screen
    I guess Back to the Future was a dick tease
    And I can't be the only one
    Maybe everyone forgot but I am holding on
    The hovercraft was a solid start
    Shoulda stuck with it, hoverboard
    Where the fuck is it?

    "Introducing the new.... low profile stunt harness for Film, TV and Theatre"

    Regardless of the reality of this video. I really like watching the gif of the guy dropping the board and seeing it just stop falling

      It stopped too early. At that height it would be really awkward to step on.

        It's got variable height suspension. It's set up for off road in that shot. Or is that "across pond"?

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