Briefly: Don't Move Now On Steam Greenlight

Don't Move is supposedly a game about "ludonarrative dissonance and player investment manipulation". What it actually looks like is a twisted social experiment of some sort. But, in any case, it's on Greenlight. And if it gets on Steam, it will cost a dollar, apparently. Hmmm.


    Free on Desura for anyone that wants to try it, though I wouldn't recommend it.

    Played it for 2 minutes before deleting it from my account. Realised it was rubbish after the first 30 seconds but spent the rest of the time wondering "is this it?".

    It's crap when one of the quotes says so.

    Sooooo you start the game and leave it to win?

      uhh, no dude. its about “ludonarrative dissonance and player investment manipulation”. It's probably too deep for you.

        Probably yes. There are always other games and devs that need my money.

    I already played a better version of this years ago. Similar type graphics but it started with a big floating godlike head warning you to give up, then a timer counted down and you raced through a platforming puzzle game for 10 minutes or so and get to the end to die in a dead end and be berated by the floating head. Then you restart and leave it for 10 minutes in the starting room and get the other ending for following the heads direction.
    I realised I've spoiled this game but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called so I couldn't point you to it anyway. :|

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