Eight Minutes Of New Footage From Infamous: Second Son

Eight Minutes Of New Footage From Infamous: Second Son

Video: The PS4’s first big exclusive is out next week, and here’s some shiny new footage to celebrate, featuring superpowers, exploding vehicles and haters. Infamous: Second Son is out next Friday. PS4 only.


  • Xbox One denizens can keep their precious Titanfall, this looks totally ballin’.

    • In all honesty, I played Infamous on PS3 and this looks pretty much the same but with better graphics. Its really not going to do anything inventive. Titanfall at least puts a new spin on things.

  • Oh man, this has got the same “problem”, so to speak, that inFamous 2 had.

    The world sounds really dead and empty. I don’t know if it’s the mix or that their atmos is just boring but that’s the first thing I noticed.

  • Looks great. Probably the only “next-gen” looking game ive seen so far of this so called new generation of games.
    Id like to see some day time gameplay though. That was one of my gripes with Saints Row 4 that the majority of the game was set during the night.
    Day time shinies are always more impressive.

  • Well.. I have a PS4. Which is excellent.

    But I’d trade 10 Second Sons for 1 Titanfall.

    • Its a different type of game…..i love titanfall and its most fun I’ve had in a long time but its a different experience.

  • I’ve got Titanfall on my PC, it’s really good fun to play 🙂
    I think having a console AND a PC is the way to go, especially a PS4 and a PC, since some Xbox One exclusives will be on PC (eg. Titanfall).

    I will get a PS4 later this year when more awesome games come out, but for now. PC gaming till DECEMBER!

    @chinesefood (sorry was meant to be a reply to your comment)

  • One week, Cant wait for this It was my most excited for game this year, until Arkham Knight was announced but I cant wait none the less.

  • It looks kinda shit. A PS3 level game at best, and I am being generous. Aren’t we meant to be next gen?

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