Everyone Who Was Upset About Deus Ex: The Fall Can Play It On PC Now

Remember the outcry over Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile side story to Square Enix’s hit Deus Ex: Human Revolution? The game just hit Steam, so everyone can be happy now. Yay!

Well, except for console gamers, who’ll have to wait until someone turns it into a digital download for PSN or Xbox Live Arcade. And the folks who were so upset over Deus Ex getting a mobile spin-off they swore off the series altogether. Oh, and the folks miffed they had to wait so long — they’re probably not completely happy.

What about the video games press folks who wrote review headlines like “Sorry Console/PC Gamers, But The Mobile Deus Ex Is Damn Good”? They can go to hell, the jerks.

Deus Ex: The Fall is now available on Steam for $US9.99.


  • Just look at the steam reveiws.
    my downvote review got about 200 likes
    its a terrible game.

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    • Care to actually elaborate why? It’s one thing to say a game sucks but a complete other level of credibility to explain why?

      edited for shits and giggles

  • I played it on IPad… I don’t really expect much from tablet games but this was just amazing for the platform. Now I get to enjoy the story with proper controls and higher res 😀

  • I wish they had’ve put this effort into making a proper PC/Console sequel. Who are these people who thought the best way forward for the Deus Ex franchise was a mobile game?

    • Gawd, here we go again…
      It wasn’t supposed to be the NEXT Deus Ex – it was a side story available to pretty much everyone with a phone. I’m sure they are chipping away at another installment as we speak – and releasing a game for mobile has worked in keeping the Deus Ex name floating around out there. I honestly thought it was great. It kept me glued to my tablet, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series, whether actual sequel or not.

      • I just feel that it would have been better if they put this side story as DLC for the real game on the real engine. If they’d done this from the beginning the PC port wouldn’t be as clunky as it is right now.

  • I’m gonna throw this out there, and feel free to disagree, but I actually really enjoyed the game! Finished it today clocking in 6 hours. I had no expectations of it being amazing, and I was very impressed with the knowledge that it was originally a mobile game. Obviously there are a lot of issues with it but I never had any bug related problems and besides being far too easy (although apparently New Game + is enabled now for a second playthrough), I had a lot of fun just exploring, hacking, and knocking out every possible guard in every possible area.

    Going through the Steam reviews it’s gotten a lot of terrible press, but as long as you go into it knowing full well that this used to be a game on iPad/mobile devices, I think you can have a lot of fun with it 🙂

  • i wasnt upset about it being a mobile game, i was upset a how long it took to get to android, and then it wasnt available for my device for some unkown reason.

  • they took one of the best games I have ever played dues ex human revolution and completely took a dump on it this game sucks there is no way to change the camera view and no way to remap the keys for anyone who has disabilities or just does not like the button setup my self I have a disability and only have partial use of my left hand which makes playing pc games a challenge to begin with sorry but they just completely muffed this game and to blame it on being mobile is just a joke then they should have made 2 versions of it then !!!!! sorry guys but I am just so sick of game manufactures rushing to put games out on the market that are full of bugs and glitches and then charging us an arm and a leg for them and expecting the public to field test their games for them and that’s whats happening the whole game industry has got the attitude of good enough we will fix it later with a patch and it is bullshit when your paying out the insane prices theyare charging for these games anyway something needs to be done for real !!!!!!

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