Everything Wrong With 300 Couldn't Stop The Unnecessary Sequel

Dammit, CinemaSins, you're too late. You could have saved us all from 300: Rise of an Empire, but you neglected your duty, and now we drown in madness.

"Hell yeah, they're making a sequel to 300!" The laws of probability state that somewhere out there in this vast world that phrase was uttered. I really enjoyed the first movie, in a completely shallow sort of way, but even in my admiration I saw the flaws that CinemaSins is pointing out here. Maybe they'll be quicker on the analysis next time, before another pseudo-historical tale is told in golden-brown slow motion.


    a lot of these are not sins but either period accurate or stylistic choices.
    spartans did train from a young age - this is not a sin.
    welcome to zack snyder's sin city? thats a stylistic choice.

      Visually it's a pretty artistic, well done piece of work, like Sin City. The story, the history, the logic, the plot, the action, even the costumes are all almost complete nonsense.
      Sin City suffered similar problems; it looked amazing, but the stories were misogynistic, ultra violet, and just plain crappy.

      He's really missing a trick. If he coupled his visual mastery with some good writing talent he'd make masterful movies. As it is though, they're basically the equivalent of a second rate Chuck Norris or Segal film except made to look really, really good. It's like putting a scooter engine in a Lamborghini body.

        but the stories were misogynistic, ultra violent...

        But that's film noir, that's the genre. Chinatown is one of my favourite movies ever and it's full of that stuff, because that's what genre it chooses to be, it's also an exaggerated reflection of the times as well.

    Couldn't finish watching that for the stupidity.

    Saw Rise of an Empire last night.
    I enjoyed it.
    Not quite as good as the first one, but still very fun.
    However, I do love Snyder films, so there may be some bias there.

    In all fairness to Snyder, he faithfully adapted the graphic novel, so go bitch at a Frank Miller.

    It occurs to me that as much as I liked 300, actual history had so much more bad ass than the movie did. Apart from just the battle here, with a lovely underdog naval battle going off in the sea on the side, the Persians transported their troops by creating a bridge [b]made of ships[/b], rather than just sending them on the ships, the battle of Marathon was pretty awesome, the actual run from Marathon to Athens, coining the term. Then there was the large ass battle of Plataea, in which if memory serves there was in fact the same arrow blotting out the sun, except it went on for a few [b]hours[/b], not just one wave of arrows

    Does anyone else hate this guy? I mean at first it was funny but now he's just doing this videos for the sake of it.

    I am actually really looking forward to seeing Rise of an empire.

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