Factions From Every Blizzard Game Wage War In This Civilisation V Mod

Factions From Every Blizzard Game Wage War In This Civilisation V Mod
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Modder ‘epic’ on Steam found a way to put everything from the Blizzard universe into one game that is not a MOBA, like Blizzard’s own all-star game, Heroes of the Storm. As you can see in the pictures below, the nations of Civilisation V got completely changed into Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft factions.

Alright, not everything — I don’t see Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings, but besides that, it’s a fairly extensive and complete modification of Civilisation V; and with additional user interface elements to boot. Have a look:

Blizzard Allstars [Steam Workshop]


  • I didn’t really need a reason to waste more time in Civ V, but now I definitely have one it seems!

  • Looks pretty cool.
    (Requires G+K expansion, according to the literature)

    Would be nice if it also came with some custom maps to play on, Azeroth, Korhal, Char etc, maybe that is still to come in future updates

    • It’s a mod, copyright only applies to trying to make a profit off of it. Some companies are douches about it and threaten lawsuits anyway, but Blizzard has never been one of those types of companies.

      • Copyright always applies, whether you make money or not. The copyright holder has exclusive rights to the material.

        • Mods have always fallen under “Fair Use” and been protected as such. So long as no profit is made and credit is given to the original holder there is no copyright infringement.

          Plus, Blizzard is one of those companies who have never been a dick about their copyright when it comes to mods based on their work, just the same as there are other mods for Civ V that use other copyrighted works that are still up there; because it falls under Fair Use.

          • I don’t know where you get that idea but it’s not true. There is no fair use protection for non-profit usage, nor has there been any precedent for such set in any court I can find. On the other hand, there are cases in the US where non-profit usage has been ruled an inadequate defence, and likewise for credit being given.

            Using copyright material or intellectual property in a free mod with attribution is still a violation that can be taken to court and, in the majority of cases, won.

          • Yet to my knowledge at no point has a copyright holder ever taken someone to court over a mod, so all of this is a moot point, especially as Blizzard’s own track record on the subject does not lend itself to the idea that they would use lawsuits to take this one mod down considering the number of similar mods they’ve left up.

            In short, most developers don’t care about mods and just let it fly. After all, if someone’s willing to mod another game so it shows your stuff that person is probably guaranteed to already be buying all your stuff, so why pass up the free publicity?

          • They don’t usually end up in court because it’s a clear-cut case of copyright infringement and a cease and desist letter is usually sufficient. For example:

            – Nintendo shut down FullScreenMario, a web remake of Super Mario.
            – Sega shut down a Streets of Rage fan remake.
            – Blizzard forced the ‘World of Starcraft’ SC2 mod to rename and filed DMCA against all the development videos of the mod.
            – The rights holders for the Attack on Titan manga shut down player-made Second Life content based on the series.
            – Microsoft shut down Halogen, a mod for C&C Generals based on the Halo universe.
            – Square Enix shut down a fan mod for Chrono Trigger, called Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.
            – Ubisoft issued a C&D to the developers of the Raven Shield mod for Rainbox Six.
            – Warner Bros shut down MERP, a Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth mod for Skyrim.

            These are just a few from the first few pages of a Google search. No links because Kotaku seems to put posts in moderation for eternity if they contain more than a few links, but you should be able to find them by searching. It’s a lot more common than you think.

          • I dont think blizzard would like their content used in a game not associated with it. I havnt seen any mods outside their map editor that have official blizzard content. Blizzard is big bucks now and I dont doubt they would have someone trying to stop this quietly.

          • There’s no such thing as quietly taking something off the internet. Anyone stupid enough to try to take it down will just find more attention brought to it and the internet spreading it to every last corner of the web.

            Which is the other reason why these sorts of mods won’t get taken down by copyright; every time a big company has tried to take something off of the internet they only succeeded in making it more prevalent. If Blizzard was stupid enough to try (and it would be stupid since this mod is free advertisement for their games and doesn’t take away a single cent of their sales since Civ 5 is a genre they haven’t even touched) you would never hear the end of it, and the mod would jump to the #1 spot.

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