Filmed Footage That Can Be Controlled Like A Video Game

Filmed Footage That Can Be Controlled Like a Video Game

"Panomovie" is a 360-degree interactive panorama movie that allows viewers to look around via mouse or other interfaces. Kind of like a video game.

Here, you can see a concept reel with clips of the Panamovie in action. Or, better yet, you can test some of the samples yourself (here and here).

As TechInAsia points out, the footage was filmed by clumping six GoPro cameras in a cubic mount, making it possible to record from six different points of view and creating a 360-degree virtual reality experience.

On the official site, you can also download an Oculus Rift demo, should that be your thing.

Japanese startup stitches together six GoPro cameras to make interactive panoramic video [TechInAsia] Panomovie: Panorama Movie also know as Motion VR [[email protected]] Panoplaza [Official Site]


    Soooooo... kind of like what the StreetView car does, just keeping the raw "moving" data rather than stitched pictures?

    Or kind of like the panorama movies that have been on the Wii U for a good 12 months now.

    Could be cool if the video quality wasn't horrendous.

    Or like the Dot 360 for the iphone?

    I'm kind of wondering if Bashcraft has actually ever played a video game.

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