How To Make Your Face Look Like Lightning From Final Fantasy XIII

You may think that cosplaying as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII is just about getting the hair, outfit and skinny-and-tall body frame right, but in order to nail that look down completely you’ll need to do some face work as well. Enter Emma Pickles, who has made this helpful makeup video tutorial for just that purpose. I am enlightened.


    • No reason to alienate the female readers we might have, though. I thought it was amazing how each step layered over the whole — really transformed her face from what it was originally.

      Good job, Phil.

    • Yet you clicked through greywolf… come on, don’t be coy, I’m sure you tried it too. My result wasn’t quite as good as hers, but if you post your ‘made up to look like Lightning’ selfie, I’ll post mine 😉

    • Go away, seriously just because there are not as many girl to which you didn’t actually back that statement up with any data. I watched it through because I am interested in cosplay. It doesn’t matter that I am a male. It is a good reference if I ever cosplay and require this. Plus I can forward it onto my gf who would obviously appreciate it more.

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