Final Fantasy XIV... As A Super Nintendo Game

Square Enix made this video. It's wonderful — like their 16-bit FFXIII video — and makes me wish they'd turn this into a real game.

Here's what that boss looks like in the real Final Fantasy XIV, by the way:


    Amazing! So cool. Well done Square. Although I shudder remembering that fight in the game. Four failed attempts (each with multiple tries before the party disbanded) before I finally got it. I hate you Titan!!

    And just like the real game the Dragoon dies fairly early, but gets the drop at the end....

    Technically, this is what the fight looks like in the game:
    The video below SNES version is Normal Mode :P

    They also took a couple of stabs at the DRG. If you've been within the FF:MMO community long enough, then the term loldrg will not be unknown to you.

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