Final Fantasy XIV's 2.2 Update Is Upon Us

The changes are outlined in this eight-minute video, but the gist is this: new dungeons, new quests, a raid that's supposed to be hard (the hardest the game has ever seen), and a way to swap armour stats that looks similar to Guild Wars 2's transmutation system. Fun!

The 2.2 patch is expected to arrive later this month.

2.2 - Through the Maelstrom [FFXIV Official Site]


    For a specific date, it's the 27th of March.

    Looking great! I played through the main scenario on PS3, but I've decided I'm going to wait until the PS4 version to play any of the new stuff.

    sweet, more fishing :D

    Yeah after the false start a few years ago, the re-release its the game we all hoped for and more, cannot recommend it enough, Squ-enix really pulled there fingers out on this one.

    If you have an old account, give it another go you wont regret it

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