Finally, A Chance To Sit On The Iron Throne

And I'm not talking about your toilet (I call my toilet the Iron Throne... doesn't everyone?)

The news here is this: if you are in and around Sydney CBD today you can totally sit on the actual Iron Throne from Game of Thrones in Martin Place.

And as part of some huge Foxtel promotion for season 4 of Game of Thrones, apparently you can win it.

From Foxtel themselves...

How to enter: For a chance to win, jump on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload your best Game of Thrones fan pic using the hashtag #GoTfoxtel. Dress as a character, re-enact a scene or just upload a picture of yourself sitting on the Iron Throne. Each week, the most creative entries will be submitted to the gallery so make sure to check our Facebook page regularly. The best and most creative entry will take out the Throne.

The throne will be at Martin Place until 3pm this afternoon. Apparently Foxtel is sorta hoping that cosplayers will turn up and turn Martin Place into a weird, post modern version of Westeros.



    Edit: Not a spoiler, just a photo.

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    Definitely going to be checking this out during my lunch break.

    Goddamn it why do I have to work OUT of the city??

    Cool and all, but damn must be uncomfortable to sit on.

      That's the point! Those that are not worthy of sitting on the Throne always get cuts. Its like the Throne itself is semi sentient.
      Aerys the Mad King was constantly getting nicks and cuts when he was King.

    its a replica people. DONT BELIVE MURDOCH

      Yeah, had a look at

      Doesn't look like the real one

        Maybe when Mark said "the actual iron throne from game of thrones in martin place" it wasnt a typo (missing comma) and he meant the actual throne from the "game of thrones event in martin place".....

          As opposed to the throne replicating the replica throne in Martin Place?

    Prize will go to whoever rocks up in a dirty pirate outfit and walks away with the replica for free ; )

    This is such a long way from my office. So it is decided!

    I will march North to conquer the Iron Throne. Those who get in my way be damned for making me wait in line.

    THE THRONE IS MINE!!!! get your filthy butts off or my family will kill all of your family!!!

    Checked it out, pretty long line but was moving at a decent pace.
    They also have cosplayers, Cersei, Drogo, Joffrey and a whitewalker. The whitewalker was the coolest by far.

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