Forget Titanfall, Garden Warfare Is Getting Free DLC Tomorrow

Forget Titanfall, Garden Warfare Is Getting Free DLC Tomorrow

You’re really pretty, Titanfall, and you know I’ll be coming back to you eventually. It’s just I’ve got this date with a free new map and game mode for a game where I don’t feel like a complete arse for getting a low kill count.

I’m still playing Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare weeks after my positive review, but damn if those three online multiplayer game modes aren’t getting stale. Tomorrow’s free “Garden Variety” DLC pack is exactly what I needed.

There’s a new Gnome Bomb game mode, in which the Plants and Zombies take turns trying to destroy the other side’s fortified gardens or graveyards — yes, the Zombies finally go on the defence. Each of the game’s eight characters gets three new abilities, further mixing up the playing field with different load-out options. And there’s a new map — Chomp Town — which sounds like a horrible place to be a Zombie.

And I won’t quit playing Titanfall — in fact I find the two games complement each other nicely. When my titan explodes for the umpteenth time in a row and the frustration begins to set in, I switch over to the cartoon combat of PVZ and the tension just fades away. I’ve not been so shooter-centric since the original Unreal Tournament came out.

So yes, free DLC tomorrow, and be sure to add F4hey to your list of people to shoot at.


    • +1 this. The boys in the house are devo that its not coming to Ps4. Its at times like this that i feel I made the wrong decision on console choice.

  • I like Garden Warfare but i’m slightly disappointed my wife and I can’t both earn coins/xp/achievements while playing splitscreen. We have to trade off.

    Haven’t played it online yet, but I look forward to it when I need a Titanfall break.

    • Ooo you haven’t played online?! Gardens and Graveyards is great fun and the maps are a joy. Good point about split screen though. My gf actually got in to this game with me for a bit (before Titanfall took over) and it was a shame she couldn’t earn things as well. It’s only the 2nd game she’s actually ever been willing to try (1st was Peggle which she loves.)

  • don’t feel bad for getting low kill counts Mike, that’s what the griefers want.

    armour yourself in enjoyment, and you shall forever walk as tall as the titans.

  • A PC release date would be much more exciting news to me…but still, this DLC sounds pretty cool. Three news skills for each character will add quite a lot more strategy and mayhem.

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