From 8000 Polygons To 100,000, World Of Tanks Readies Visual Upgrade

It's been in developer Wargaming's best interests to target the lowest common denominator when it comes to the graphical fidelity of its crazy-popular MMO World of Tanks. But since its release in 2010, the performance of the average PC has come up — a lot — and the argument for keeping things basic is not as compelling. So, Wargaming has pulled out the stops and is in the process of revamping pretty much every visual element in the game.

The video diary above steps through the visual improvements the game is undergoing, focusing mostly on the increased polygon count of its tank models and the introduction of normal mapping. It mentions that World of Tanks started out with models in the 8000-poly range, with more recent tanks receiving more artist love than older ones.

Now the developer has boosted model detail across the board, with poly counts ranging between 50,000-100,000.

In addition, tank quality has been upped with the use of normal mapping — something that's employed in most modern games but has, until now, been absent from Wargaming's MMO. Normal mapping allows a 3D model to look more geometrically complex than it actually is, through the use of a "normal map" (essentially height information coded via colours) in addition to the regular texture.

The video goes on to talk about the improved quality of fire and other special effects, as well as the implementation of realistic weather.

World of Tanks: Developer Diaries 2014 — Graphics [YouTube]

    "The QA dept has to make sure the effects don't reduce the fps"

    Last edited 22/03/14 12:14 pm

      1000,000The Kotaku QA dept. should make sure the headlines don't make up new numbers :P

    such a waste that this effort is going into a shitty game like WOT

    Warthunder > WoT

      Yeah, I then click on a video of warthunder ground forces and the sound, and graphics just create a better atmosphere.

        Sure, WT GF does look more impressive but the gameplay lacks in most areas. It is a long long way behind WoT in that area, which is most important. If WT can improve that, then it will certainly pass WoT.

        WoT has the player base though

          But ground forces has near perfect accuracy and instead of aiming at the end of a parabola (dumbest thing WoT does) it aims in a straight line from the end of the barrel, and then shows you the shell drop. But that really isn't an issue in ground forces coz enemy tanks are always visible (it's not a problem because invisible enemies on hills in WoT could not be targeted with the reticle, and so you could only aim for the skybox or the dirt infront of taht tank). There are some good implementations that ground forces achieves.

          But I am looking forward to the new engine and HD models in WoT nonetheless. Even if the gameplay is simplified.

          Last edited 26/03/14 5:54 pm

    I'm verry surprised they weren't using normal mapping already!

      This exactly. The normal mapping would be enough to make it look like an upgrade but if they want to upgrade the models too, then sure. :P

        As far as I am aware WoT never really intended to take off like they have haha. It's very much been a case of "failing forwards" as far as I am aware - aka, ongoing small patches to just keep the show moving forward.

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