Game Of Thrones Is Much Better With Tyrion Lannister In The Spotlight



      Yeah seriously. Season 2 was amazing because Tyrion was, arguably, the main character of the season.

      I thought season 3 wasn't as good because it lacked a 'main character'.

        Be warned it is about to get even worse... the point of no return is ahead.

          Worse as in Tryion or the whole 'no main character thing'.

            As in not only is he no longer a main character, but his character in general becomes a lot less interesting.

              I agree. He becomes quite pathetic really.

                My guess, Martin is a sadistic bastard and enjoys watching us squirm at the idea of one of the few "good" characters getting trampled.

                  Yep, that thought crossed my mind too. I think George knows that as a reader we want to give him a good shake and tell him "PULL YOUR SH*T TOGETHER MAN!"...and yes, George is dragging us along with glee.

                  There are other characters who's deaths made me want to give up on the series for.

                  Just about snapped my phone apart when I read about Snow

                  But his death hasn't been confirmed...I hold out hope.

                  Yeah, you keep that hope my friend. I on the other hand have learnt over the last five books that Martin is a dick... a really obnoxious dick that just likes to watch us cry on the inside.

              It's annoying how he's surviving everything, no matter how ridiculous the odds. He's OP. Sentenced to death twice, made into a slave, dunked into greyscale waters - and he's still fine. It's like George R.R. hates him but can't quite bring himself to kill him off.

                Yet has no problem killing the iconic characters that are even somewhat relate able or worse yet likeable. I am bordering on rage levels that I haven't felt since Boromir.

    I disagree, I think GoT needs less Tyrion and more Stannis

      Stannis is weak, just a tool of witch lady.

      Stannis is the bitch of every character in the series.

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