Game Of Thrones Is Much Better With Tyrion Lannister In The Spotlight

Being one of the coolest characters, Game of Thrones‘s Tyrion deserved a re-edited trailer, and YouTuber Jacob Grant has put him in the center using The Wolf of Wall Street as material.

He just became even more badass.

the Dworf of Westeros – “The Wolf of Wall Street” parody – Game of Thrones [Jacob Grant, YouTube]

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    • Yeah seriously. Season 2 was amazing because Tyrion was, arguably, the main character of the season.

      I thought season 3 wasn’t as good because it lacked a ‘main character’.

          • As in not only is he no longer a main character, but his character in general becomes a lot less interesting.

          • My guess, Martin is a sadistic bastard and enjoys watching us squirm at the idea of one of the few “good” characters getting trampled.

          • Yep, that thought crossed my mind too. I think George knows that as a reader we want to give him a good shake and tell him “PULL YOUR SH*T TOGETHER MAN!”…and yes, George is dragging us along with glee.

          • There are other characters who’s deaths made me want to give up on the series for.

            Just about snapped my phone apart when I read about Snow

          • Yeah, you keep that hope my friend. I on the other hand have learnt over the last five books that Martin is a dick… a really obnoxious dick that just likes to watch us cry on the inside.

          • It’s annoying how he’s surviving everything, no matter how ridiculous the odds. He’s OP. Sentenced to death twice, made into a slave, dunked into greyscale waters – and he’s still fine. It’s like George R.R. hates him but can’t quite bring himself to kill him off.

          • Yet has no problem killing the iconic characters that are even somewhat relate able or worse yet likeable. I am bordering on rage levels that I haven’t felt since Boromir.

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