Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.

Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.

Why is this not already a thing?

And I'm not talking about the brave pioneers who have made their own versions of this. I mean, why isn't every company making commercial desktop PCs that are also a...desktop?

It'd save space, it'd save time, it'd...OK, it wouldn't save money, but nothing is perfect. And I'd pay a few extra bucks for something that looks like a badass zombie 80s cocktail cabinet.

This unit, Lian-Li's DK01, is pitched at serious gamers. It's got tool-less component mounting and modular HDD bays. The only thing it doesn't have is a price, since this is a prototype unit. If you want this to be a real thing, but Lian-Li about it.

Prototype — Desk Chassis: DK01 [Lian Li, via technabob]

Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.
Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.
Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.
Gaming PC Prototype Is Also Its Own Table. Genius.


    Not huge on pcs but damn lian li make some hot shit

    I recently started to hate enclosed cases as I live in a rather warm part of Australia, but this design wouldn't be half bad so long as it includes a radiator bracket.

      Yeah but if you have an open case, won't it get hella dusty?

      My gfx card is only 6 months old and I cleaned it the other day, even with dust filters on my intakes, I couldn't believe how much dust was in it.
        Is what I am rolling right now and while the build quality isn't amazing I haven't had any really dust problems so far. I have maybe cleaned it out once in maybe six months and even then the inside wasn't overly messy.

        That said I am not packing any ODE's, I literally have 2 2.5" 750GB HDD (looking to pick up an SSD in the next couple of pays), a 680GTX and a 4770. Nothing above average but the heat stays down and the dust isn't a problem.

          This is your everyday rig? Mind giving me a trip report? This looks like an excellent way to deal with heat issues and solves my problem of having to pull my tower apart every time I want to throw in a hard drive and rescue a friend or family member's data.

            So far it isn't too bad, I would like to put out there that the image doesn't quite convey how large it is, it is probably the size of an average gaming rig placed on its side. It is in fact so large that I have it down beside my desk, not on or bellow it.

            It has two fans inbuilt (1X200mm & 1X120mm), with the option of water cooling if required (but don't need it in Alice Springs), however the 200mm sits directly on top of the motherboard which negates most of the heat issues. This is a double sided edge as while there is plenty of room for large cards and cords, chances of planting a nice CPU fan bracket on it are low (I have a Coolmaster fan from a friend that I just could not fit in).

            The hotswap hard drive slots work with most sizes (the 120mm is attached to the side of the HDD compartment which is nice). The ODD sit above the PSU which I am a little on the fence about.

            tl;dr Air flow, temperature, noise and accessibility good. Cord management, size, not tool-les, swag factor and build quality are questionable. Over all I have had much worse cases before, but I am interested to know what it will be like with another 680 and 8GB of ram running.

            For interest sake so far I have dropped just over $1200 for an upgrade that runs Battlefield quite nicely.

            Didn't even know these were a thing, kind of sweet. slightly lacking in hardrive bays tho. Had to use a decent quantity of duct tape to mount the 9 drives in my current pc anyway, with an open design i'm sure it would be neater to have them mounted outside the chassis somehow.

              Yeah the 3 drives is a little bit of a set back, my guess would be that mounting drives in the ODD slots wouldn't be too hard but at max that would only be another three.

          That looks really nice.

          But what does "i am not packing any ODE's" mean?

            ODD's sorry, I was pretty tired when typing it out.

              How DARE you type something on the internet while TIRED!!!!

              Nah just joking, all good dude.

              This is my rig. Classic. Window. I like everything but the type of window it is. Kinda ugly. I might get around to replacing it with one piece perspex one day.


      I sort of... stuffed up on the making of the thing and didn't get the back part on. I have to get dust out all the time.

    Love the idea but that design looks tacky and kinda cheap.

    I really don't understand these case designs. How is it space effecient using full size components in a case that's mostly filled with air? Forget bringing it anywhere too. Build yourself an ITX rig IMO.

    BitFenix Prodigy + Z87e-ITX = win.

    well it is a prototype but if there was a full table built into this with a shelf on top, power board, network hub with room enough for legs and chair. i would build the computer into the backboard on top so there was leg room underneath and widescreen built into it. either way this idea could be improved.

    Every gamer has rage moments too so when they slam the desk, they slam all their PC components...
    It's just a PC case with tube metal attached... looks like a cheap school desk.

    Uh oh! Computer's packed it in. Better hook up the trailer so I can take it back to the shop.

    all it needs is a fold out lcd panel (or 2, or 3) and yo'd have the ultimate lan rig

    I'll just leave this here then.

      Beat me to it, puts this desk to shame... But the price of Red Harbinger could give one a heart attack

    great, now I can spill liquids all over my computer and table in one fell swoop.

    for some reason i think i would prefer not to use my computer as my resting place for my morning coffee. I already had replacing mechanical keyboards let alone an entire rig.

      Two words - cup holders :p

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