GTA Online Was Made For Heists Like This

The best players on GTA Online realise that if they're going to commit a robbery, they should either go big or go home. A proper heist takes planning and a good, committed crew.

LetsPlay here has the right idea — this is the most elaborate, ridiculous heist I've seen on GTA Online. Granted, for all the organisation they bank on, things don't necessarily turn out the way they hoped — and that's ok, because the lack of 'professionalism' is exactly what makes this worth watching. Plus, everyone knows that the best part about heists is where they go wrong.

The video is rather long and you might not have time for it all, I know. The first six minutes or so are the set-up, explaining how they hope things go down. You should watch at least a bit of that to get a sense of how meticulously they thought it all out, and then skip ahead to see the actual heist go down.

Kind of makes you hyped on the upcoming multiplayer bank heists for GTA Online, no?

Lets Play Monday : Let's Play - GTA V - Heist [LetsPlay]


    We've been promised heists since before the launch of GTA Online and 6 months later it seems like it's still far far away. Frankly, I lost interest in the mode mainly because there's no real content on there. You can either race or deathmatch, that's it. Sure there are small variations on the themes but that is what it boils down to: 2 modes.

    My friends and I had grand dreams of doing 4-6 player versions of the main game heists, but that's all it seems like it's going to be, just dreams.

      Pretty much the whole reason I still have my 360 plugged in is for GTA heists, but it doesn't look like they'll ever come...

        Same, we have 2x 360's, 2x GTA, 2x 1year Gold subs just idling. It also doesn't help that R* isn't replying to my support tickets calling them out on their bullshit of taking all our money.

          You could probably demand a refund considering they promote the heists online as a selling point.

          To be fair, GTA Online was filled with more problems than they were ready for. Everything promised took a back burner to the sheer number of fixes that needed to be concentrated on.
          Seriously, what use were the heists and stock market when the economy was already destroyed and players were abusing the living hell out of the game?
          Yes it was R* fault and yes it meant that content was replaced with fixes, but it was still something that had to be done for the game overall.

          I am not defending R*, they buggered up something fierce. They should have had an open beta.
          Instead they stuffed up and had to put everything on hold, annoying, but it had to be done.

          But this whole, "taking all our money" rage is just the same nonsense we see everywhere else.
          We knew the game was styled to be like an MMO, we knew the game was going to have micro-transactions and we knew all this before the game came out.

      free roam is loads of fun with friends. why is there so much hate for gta online

        probably because it has been plagued with problems from the get go, and even now, months after release they haven't delivered on features they've promised.

          everyone is so quick to hop on the bandwagon. within a week i had 0 issues with gta online. name one problem with it right now apart from the delay in heists

            Well other than the bad sport being easily abusable. Bad sport being stupid. The economy trying to force you into either a: microtransactions or b: grinding missions i cant see any problems at all

              oh no you mean you actually have to do missions and work up to buy a decent car? those bastards! bad sport works fine.

    Good ol' achievement hunter

    so much Rooster Teeth content on Kotaku and not even a reference to the company that puts this content out. nice.

      un-twist your panties, they've linked directly to the source.

        It would be nice if they mentioned the company in the article though, not just through the source link

    Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter are pretty much my favourite thing on the internet tbh. They just keep bringing the goods every single time. The Let's Play channel is a must-see gaming channel on teh Youtubez.

    That was very entertaining. Struggled a bit to get through the planning stage, but it was worth it.

    Awesome video. I loved this. The actual execution was just hysterical.

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