GTA V PC “Beta” Is A Hilarious Scam

GTA V PC “Beta” Is A Hilarious Scam

There’s a scam going around trying to trick people into thinking they have been accepted into a beta test for a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Surprise! There is no beta.

An email doing the rounds asks people to click on a URL and download a .zip file, the latter of which contains malware.

The funny part comes in the email itself; rather than actually try, and use Rockstar imagery and fancy banner images, it comes via plain text. And says “You invited beta tester GTAV to Windows”.

Hey, at least they remembered to capitalise “Windows”.

As of now, there is zero information on a GTAV release for PC at all, let alone a beta. Since GTAIV was released on PC, and remains popular to this day thanks to an active modding scene, you’d assume it should be out sometime this year, but ever since Red Dead passed the platform by folks have been worried.

Grand Theft Auto V Release Stirs Spam [Trend Micro, via Game Politics]


  • Come on Rockstar, pull your finger out. I knew this (as in Rockstar not announcing a PC version, not the scam thing) would happen when they announced GTA Online is that they would be too rapped up in GTA:O. I do hope they announce it soon, i haven’t touched GTA V since about a fortnight after it’s released and i want to finish it and play around with some mods.

    Weren’t they supposed to announce a single player dlc campaign in “early 2014”? well that window is fast closing.

      • 3.5 months in, a quarter is 3 months. No announcement, no actual Online expansions apart from junk, no Heists …. you can’t say it’s not looking worrisome. :O

        • Actually, we’re only two and a half months in.
          The third month will have passed when March is over.

          But yeah, it does look like R* is going to miss the window.

    • So if you didn’t play if from a fortnight after release then you missed out on the best part of GTA V… GTA Online. Despite what people say there is plenty of fun to be had in GTAO currently.

  • Argh, just hurry up. I am a massive GTA fan, but wanted to wait for 5 to come to PC before playing. I know it is silly, just my preference. Played all of the GTA’s on PC since the start, don’t want to stop now! I have been hanging on any word to come through, it is a matter of time I feel, but for fucks sake, the wait is KILLING me. Trying to avoid spoilers up til now has been hard enough, please dont make me get this on 360 to play. Think of the monies Rockstar!

    • Yep, and when they do need testing, they just call it “Early Access”, and charge people for it

  • I was all geared up to buy this on PC when it was first released, but it’s been so long I’ve completely lost interest. By trying to reduce piracy they’ve probably lost quite a few sales.

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