Handshakes Don't Get Much Cuter Than With Otters

Handshakes Don't Get Much Cuter Than with Otters

In Japan, popstars and celebrities aren't the only ones with handshaking events: Otters have them, too.

According to GetNews, the Ichikawa Zoological & Botanical Garden is rolling out a new "handshake corner" (握手コーナー or "akushu koonaa") for visitors to greet otters.

Handshakes Don't Get Much Cuter Than with Otters

This isn't the first zoo in Japan to offer this, and several other zoos and animal parks also offer similar experiences — and have for a while now. Below, you can see an otter shaking hands at Wakayama Adventure World in a video from a few years back.

I had no idea did that these small otters had such cute, little hands. (The handshaking part is only at the beginning of the video.)

Though, I figured they'd like snacks.

肉球プニプニ!市川市動植物園でコツメカワウソ握手会はじまるぞぉ! [GetNews]


    This seems like a terrible idea

      all it takes is one jackass to grab the hand and injure the poor thing

      Last edited 28/03/14 9:32 pm

        Have you ever been to a zoo, aquarium or wildlife park? There are tons of animals you can physically touch, both supervised and unsupervised.

        What's to stop some idiot from pinching or kicking the baby goats and chicks at a petting zoo? A sense of decency, compassion and yes, supervision.

    Apart from being a terrible idea due to the fact that most people are assholes, it also seems kinda mean...

    Ah Kotaku commenters, you have pleasantly surprised me with your empathy

    Last edited 29/03/14 12:13 am

      Don't be too pleasantly surprised since its only about animals. now if it were people...well I doubt anyone would care xD

    I don't think people who visit a zoo will likely be an asshole, nor do I think japanese people will be an asshole.
    I'm sure it's supervised as well.

    i always thought otters had claws for some reason...

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