Happy Gilmore Works Much Better As A Video Game

Why are movie tie-in video games generally horrible? Maybe we're starting with the wrong movies. The folks at CineFix give Adam Sandler's golfing epic Happy Gilmore the 8 Bit Cinema treatment, and the result is magical.


    Someone should do this for real and include a few other 90's films.

    Wasn't this up here on Kotaku late last week?


      Sure was.

      I think the Australian editors just can't be stuffed doing their job. While the articles most likely appeared on different sites on the US site (still reposting, but to different audiences), the lazy Aus editors just keep importing it to the same site (Kotaku) without even thinking about it. Not the first time.

    I think we're doing it all wrong. We should be making 8-bit stuff first, then basing the movie off of that.

    New game where you control Adam as he tries to save the girl from the evil Penguin

    Missing the best bit of the film...Lurch hunting down shooter mcgavin when he steals the gold jacket

    Also the dream with the beer! mmmmmmmmmmmmm Beer

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