Dayshot: A Visual Guide To DayZ Play Styles

Here's a rather useful visual guide to DayZ play styles by JamesBlakesCat, using portraits from a similar game, Inna Woods. No matter how you play, you're going to get killed for a can of beans (except if you are a murderous hobo.)

A visual guide to play styles for beginners [JamesBlakesCat, via r/dayz]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    It's funny, but have seen this joke theme many times before.
    And let's face it, some people don't even murder with beans as a reason

    People should try playing DayZ completely weaponless, so no guns or melee weapons. Turns it into something akin to true survival horror.

      That's way too easy a lot more fun murdering people and ruining there day

      If & when there becomes a way to lose & reliably evade zombies, I do want to try that. Play it kind of like a Thief style game, sneak into places and loot them and get out like a ghost.

      It could make a good improvised challenge when playing with a team, you have say 2 people on overwatch with rifles providing cover in case you get spotted and the game is that you have to get in and out of town without raising the alarm and bringing back at least 2 bits of food or useful equipment for each person.

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