Here's A Song Made From Jeff Goldblum's Ridiculous Jurassic Park Laugh

So, first, watch this, which is Jeff Goldblum (as chaos theory mathematician Ian Malcom) snickering? chortling? snortling? chickering? in 1993's Jurassic Park. Not exactly a meme, but hold onto your butts, it's gonna be one, big time.

Now listen to this, which is (clears throat) Hahahrawrrahaha by FLIPSH0T (feat. Jeff Goldblum) You will not be able to make it through without laughing, too, probably in rhythm. Hahahrawrrahaha [Soundcloud via The Onion AV Club, h/t Chewblaha]


    I did not notice this the first time I watched the film, now it's all I hear.

    I found it just terribly annoying, certainly didn't laugh during it.

    Loled. Not as hard as the original theme melodica cover. That thing killed me.

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