Here’s The Censored Version Of South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Here’s The Censored Version Of South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Via Reddit, here’s what you see when you try to play a certain scene in the European (and Australian) version of South Park: The Stick of Truth on consoles. (Warning: minor spoilers.)

Here’s The Censored Version Of South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Ubisoft has said they censored the game for “marketing reasons.” The PC version of the game remains unaffected. The Stick of Truth is out on March 4 for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. I’ve finished the game and we’ll have a review up Tuesday morning. (Don’t worry, Americans: the U.S. version is uncensored.)


  • Guess I’ll be importing the US version.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the EU version.

    • Australia gets R rating system for games.

      Ignores it, releases censored version to the masses.

      Australians cancel pre-orders and order OS instead.

      Australian retail misses out on sales.

      Well done nanny state!

      • Australia gets R rating system for games.

        Man-child wonders why he’s still not allowed to rape people in video games.

        • They have rape in other forms of media, why not video games?

          If video games want to “grow up” they need to stop being held to a different standard in regards to “mature themes”.

          • I’m all for video game classification being in line with all other media (although in this case where IIRC there’s a depiction of child rape any other media would be RC too), but nobody ever seems to couch their arguments in that way – it’s always “censorship is wrong” at best and “why can’t I do anything I want?” at worst. The inanity of those arguments should be prima facie apparent, and it seems utterly bizarre that we’re at a point where people will go out of their way to get a copy of a game with an extra rape scene just to prove a point.

            People jump up and down about ACB rulings, when it’s really the rules that need to be changed.

          • Considering this kind of shit happens AL THE GOD DAMN TIME in south park and its rated MA 15+ in most cases i think using the word “rape” and then going on a tangent is ridiculous.

            You need to get off your high horse and stop acting as if wanting content in its original form is only for the wicked.

          • Using the word rape to describe non-consensual penetration isn’t ridiculous, it’s a dictionary definition.

            And see, this is yet another different argument. So censorship is wrong because it denies access to ‘content in its original form’? Where does that begin and end exactly? What if Stone and Parker had always intended to cover up the scene, just like a lot of the swearing is intentionally bleeped out on the show? Is that still censorship? What if they chose to censor it themselves because they thought it was a bit much? Are they self-censoring? And if so, is that a bad thing? My point is that all the arguments dance around the very childish point that people just don’t like it that they’re being told they can’t have something that someone else can have.

            Make an argument that the law is a bad law, that’s fine. I would agree with it – there’s no valid reason different media should be classified differently. But, again, nobody’s saying that; everyone’s just complaining because they’re adults and it’s not fair that they don’t get to watch rape.

          • They didn’t choose to censor it, Comedy Central censor the eps before they air… High horse bla bla…

          • It’s not childish to want an uncensored complete version of a game.
            Wake up and realise that the only thing childish about your argument is that you have become accepting, lazy and complacent about what censorship has chosen to go down your throat.

          • Yea I know seeing a kid get prob by alien can be a bit much for people but this is both a r18+ game and it based of South Park it kinda expected that something like this would happen I mean they did that episode where Eric got a prob up his ass twice and there not much differences between those two episodes and that 30-40 second clip and beside your not ok with that scene what you have no problem with the part where you have to crawl through mr slaves ass

          • I’m sorry but I want the art that the artist produced. I do not want anyone else to tell me as an adult what I can or cannot see. Fuck censorship in all its forms!

          • Dude have you played the game it’s good but then something happen that got censored and where stuck looking at a Koala bears it just ruins the moment and then you get it 3-4 times in 5 minutes

          • It’s more than a little different if the PLAYER character is actively raping something or being raped.

  • I like this idea. This way I can load up youtube and watch the actual video on my other screen.

        • Yes and we live in Australia? Our version is even more censored due to our classification board. Other countries get slight cut off in the cut scene as seen from above but we have side missions removed as well.

          • Yes I am? I’m merely explaining to @crotchdot since he don’t know how censored is our version of the game.

          • No, I understood, I was just clarifying your original statement so that if any PC users were interested in importing they know they have expanded options as compared to console users.

          • Perhaps the part in the article where it says “Ubisoft has said they censored the game for “marketing reasons.” The PC version of the game remains unaffected.” is what got him? so not entirely his fault for thinking that…

          • Wait what? I thought it was just those anal probing scenes that were removed so I never bothered canceling my preorder and importing. what sidequests were taken out?


            No full sequences have been removed from the game, only small sections amounting to less than five minutes of gameplay. Three mini games have been removed.

            5 minutes of gameplay + 3 mini games removed. Not sure which mini games. I may have interpret it wrongly but usually mini games in RPG are sidequests. Unless it is some random poking asshole with anal probe games.

          • 2 of them were anal probe scenes. 1 involving Cartman and 1 involving your own character I believe. The 3rd scene is an abortion mini game. It sucks to have stuff removed from a game, but it does state that any depictions of child abuse or sexual activities with a child will get a game banned. Not sure about abortions but I believe that crosses the line for the Classification Board too.

  • I find it very interesting that the PC version is uncut, while the console version is censored for “marketing reasons”.

    Seriously, WTF!

  • On steam it says Stick of Truth is a “clean version” or something… Are we absolutely sure the PC version is unaffected?

    • Pretty sure it is affected – Steam states it’s the ‘Low violence version.’

      • Like always though, I guarantee you there will be a patch… there’s ALWAYS a patch to remove this stuff 😉

    • It doesn’t make sense if it is unaffected. Our classification system doesn’t make exceptions so if the content would be banned on console it would be banned on PC as well.

      • Yeah, it’s not [edit: it’s not unaffected, here – it’s censored here]. @markserrels probably just needs to modify it for Australia or something. Jason is talking to Americans/Euros.

    • Who told you PC was not getting censored? Australian version has been revised 3 times to pass the classification for 18+ and a few content were removed and all censored.

        • The article is written by Jason, Kotaku US author and he is reporting on the European copies of the game. Yes european PC version is uncensored but everything is censored in Australia.

          • the PC version is still censored in germany and few other countries besides us according to PCGAMER

    • If you see anyone telling you not to worry because the PC version is unaffected, they’re probably a yank or a euro. Aussies get a censored PC version and need to ignore what the other countries are freaking out about.

      Everyone else is freaking out that their version could get as bad as ours. We’re living the worst-case scenario. We’re glad for their sympathy, right? I mean, it looks like self-interest, but I’m sure it’s sympathy.

  • Well, at least the censorship board is consistent with their stance on stuff that finds its way into people’s butts in games.

    But again, it’s disappointing, because the TV show has managed to get away with some truly outrageous stuff (which includes anal probes). I guess their reasoning is that nobody imitates stuff on TV, but mimics 100% of things they see in video games.

    • Except it was self-censored, nothing to do with any countries censorship board

      • Ubisoft said it was a “marketing” decision. Probably trying to make it funny while doing an indirect censor but Australian version with removed content is… our classification board’s decision

  • I’m pretty sure I read on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the PC version WAS to be censored. (See the edit at the top of this article:
    Also the censored scene in Australia will have a picture of a crying koala, and did actually go back and forth with the Aus classification board before being censored. (

  • I ‘ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I think the deliberate self-censoring will turn out to be funnier than the uncensored version. While I would prefer that everyone get one version, I’m just gonna roll with whatever we get.

    • You know, I think I agree with you. It’s sorta an additional nod from Matt and Trey and exactly the kind of fourth wall-breaking stuff you’d expect from South Park.

      • You know what I expect more from South Park?

        Completely over-the-top gross-out situations, the kind that makes me grimace and say “that’s not right”. Which seems like exactly what got cut from the game. Whilst I appreciate the way that Trey and Matt have handled it is a clever way of dealing with the issue, personally I’ll be importing my copy.

  • I honestly don’t think I cbf buying this game at this stage. Previous gen only, then we get stupid screens such as above instead of scenes? What’s the point? Are any PAL regions even getting the uncensored version?

    • I’m not sure either of those reasons is enough to boycott the game. Does Stick of Truth really need a next-gen version? It’s deliberately lo-fi, to emulate the look of the show, and the extra power of next-gen wouldn’t make an ounce of difference to the visuals (apart from a bump in resolution.) And certain scenes being censored won’t ruin the entire experience – but, for argument’s sake, let’s say it does. There’s always importing.
      I think the game looks fantastic and whilst I’m annoyed that we’ll get the cut version, I’m sure there’ll be more than enough chuckles and questionable content for me to be able to overlook that disappointment.
      But yeah, that’s just me – a rabid South Park fan.

      • The reason I want a next gen version is because I have developed a strong preference for the new One controller, and haven’t turned my 360 on in two months. I also have been buying digital only this gen so I can switch to all games via voice instead of disc swapping. From what I’ve seen 360 is only region restricted between PAL and NTSC, so a PAL region would still need to get the uncensored version for import. I import all my GTA games from the UK for the uncensored version, but they’ll also be getting the euro restricted version. I don’t buy cut games, why should I? To support a stupid Australian industry that cuts games, and introduced a new R18+ rating just to raise the age limit on games that were previously MA15+? All while charging almost double what they pay overseas while giving me less game?

        • … justifiable reasoning, to be sure. But enough to skip the game entirely? Vote with your wallet, go for it. If I’d become accustomed to the perks of next-gen as well then sure, I’d be miffed about not being able to utilize those features too.
          The censorship issue is a little different as it’s the publisher, not the OFLC, which is making those cuts pre-emptively … but I’m just splitting hairs here. It’s just a shame that you’ll miss out on such a promising game because it doesn’t have voice commands and certain scenes (which are fully described anyway) are missing.

          • It feels very apologist to say “it’s OK, they describe the scenes for me in text anyway”. If I wanted games to be described for me I’d go get a C64 and play a text based RPG. Not a current / next gen console.

            As for the next gen thing, I don’t care if it has literally zero improvements over the previous gen, I just want it on the new console when they’re going to be the same price anyway. Plus I can buy US games from the US Xbox store digitally because they’ve removed digital region restrictions in next gen.

    • Previous gen only? Clearly you have never heard of this new fancypants thing called a PC with its 30+ years of backwards compatibility*. (*backwards compatibility may involve a few minutes of reading forums and dicking around to activate.)

      • Nope, a 2k ultrabook /tablet i7 combo with 2000 point wacom pressure sensitivity suits my needs better. I’ll play my games on a console with my 50″ TV from the comfort of my lounge thanks!

        • I play my pc via 5m HDMI on my 55 inch chillin on my couch with a controller. the last console gen was the final console gen for me (this may change with MGS5).

  • Um…didn’t some articles prior state that the PC version has a few mini games removed and this censorship? I remember reading about it and it specifically aimed at the PC version of South Park sold on Australia via Steam.

    Correct me if I’m completely wrong but that would justify the “Low Violence” version we’re receiving from steam as well…right?

    * Edit * I found this:

    RPS states via Get Games that PC version will be censored in Germany, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan. Elsewhere, it will be unaffected.

  • Where can we import an uncensored PAL copy into Aus from?
    I usually use the Ozgameshop/playasia sites for cheap/uncensored imports but not sure where to get a this one from.

  • Sigh, i really want to give them my money, but i dont even get a discount for a game with content removed.

    Seeing as steam uses you IP to region lock games on install, and i cant be bothered risking using a proxy that might not work, i wont being buying it.

    guess ill wait and obtain it via other means.

      • doesnt matter if you get the us version, because steam will region lock it for you

        • The region lock thing is on a game by game basis (Its only done at the request of the publisher, not valve), personally I get censored games gifted from america all the time and have never had one region locked. what game specifically did you have this issue with?

  • I’ve ordered it for PC from the USA.
    Hopefully it does not require steam to load and I’ll get the glorious full version.

    • Even if it does, entering a US version key will add the US ver to your steam account.

  • I kinda wish they censored the swearing. I laugh 100 times more when the bleep out “fuck” it makes is so much funnier. But still, look forward to this game

  • Y’ar, still be censored on steam ye say? I be enjoying this wee shanty with a yo ho ho and ye olde bottle o’ rum then….

    The classification board can go suck a fuck. What was the point again? Was there one??

  • From reports, it’s 7 20 second scenes. I could care less and given that Matt and Trey have poked fun at the censorship, it’s still going to be worth it

    • I import my GTA’s, even though the only difference is banging hookers, more blood, and dodgy GIF porn on TV’s, why would I pay $20 more in Australia for less game?

      • Personally, because I’m sick of fighting for things I cannot change. The R18+ ratings movement hasn’t changed the way games are classified, it’s just given an already outdated system a fresh coat of paint.

        While you might think that taking your purchase elsewhere is going to impact the way things are done, you forget that for every one of you there and hundreds if not thousands of less informed people paying for that lesser version. Our voices, no matter how much we raise them vocally or financially, are meaningless in the larger picture of what matters in this world

  • The steam page for Aus currently has the ” Low Violence Version” warning on it, so it seems to be censored on PC too.

  • I’d heard that even the steam keys themselves are region locked so I’m going to wait until people less patient than me try to get proper copies of the game then go with what works. Don’t care how minimal the censorship is, it’s still there.

  • All I got to say is we get the R18+ classification and the game gets censored under the new guidelines, don’t bitch those are the rules, suck it up princesses or go winge to the government to get it changed again so you can bitch about it to get it changed again to bitch about it

  • Amazon got my A$89! What a shame- money grab tactic for everyone overseas:-( I thought about the Super Samurai Spaceman pack offer from Uplay but couldn’t digest having to accept the Ozzie version. I’ll have to buy the DLC once I install it. It better install without any complaints otherwise will be furious I think!

  • lolz @ the kids debating meaningless crap

    Ever heard of importing? All but one PS3 game in history is region free. Most 360 games too. Oh and, what about buying a US PSN card to download the digital version from US PSN? Ever heard of a VPN if all else fails? Haha stop arguing like 5 year olds, no one with a brain cares about this pathetic countries censorship laws. they’re irrelevant.

    Ever heard of downloading the uncut PC version?

    PS, no customs don’t give a shit about banned games.

  • anyone else unable to download South Park from the US Marketplace? it just doesn’t let me.
    Oh I can buy all the useless costumes no problem. But not the game.
    Oh, download Lego Movie game for 360? Why not! Here you go!
    South Park
    “Nah, this isn’t available in your region”
    Um, neither is the Lego Game.
    Microsoft aren’t smart enough to catch on, but something is wrong. I’ve downloaded everything for the 360 from the US for it’s reasonable US price ( and not waiting for ppl to deliver physical copies ) so…wtf….
    Happen to anyone else?

  • Great job on promoting piracy over sales for Australian retail you incompetent twats that call yourselves our government.

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