Hey, It's A New WW2 Shooter!

Hey, It's A New WW2 Shooter!

Let's party like it's 2004.

Despite most bigger studios having long moved on from what was once the hottest genre-setting matchup in video game history, there's still room for a World War Two shooter. Or, at least, Enemy Front hopes so.

Instead of having you fight the same old cliched battles one more time, though, it's dropping the player somewhere far more interesting: as a war correspondant fighting alongside resistance fighters in occupied Europe.

That makes the EXPLOSIONS and MURDER in the trailer seem a little ridiculous, but if the game can treat that setting with the respect it deserves - the Nazis weren't exactly kind to partisans, or their homes - it might be worth keeping in mind.

Enemy Front is out mid-year for 360, PS3 and PC.


    I'm keen to see a return to ww2 shooters. I'm sick of all the modern warfare shit.

      Same. Every friggin shooter of the last 7 - 8 years has been like 'Modern Warfare Redux'. Nice to see a WW2 shooter now and then, even if its not highly original. It breaks the monotony.

      Yep me too. WW2 is a fascinating (fucked up) time in history, I don't think I'd ever get tired of WW2 themed games.

      likewise - Have been playing a fair bit of rising storm, loving it.

    I bought Rising Storm recently for this reason. Problem with coming late to the party is that there's a low player base (~700 online worldwide when I tried) and all hardcore, playing realism mode. No clear option to play an offline bot game either :(

      To play offline with Bots, go to the Workshop option in the menu.

        Thanks for the tip. What a convoluted place to put it though. Why not in the normal menu?

    I'd kind of like a WW2 shooter with the sensibilities of Spec Ops: The Line, rather than the U-S-A! U-S-A! mentality which most of them had.

    Maybe something other than Normandy - let us play as the Red Army fighting back on the Eastern Front, then counter-attacking and invading Germany. Show the horror of the Nazi invasion then the also-pretty-bad shit the USSR inflicted.

    Otherwise, don't worry. I've still got the first 3 CODs if nothing is going to change.

      I agree. Contrary to what many Americans believe. There were actually more countries on the allies side.

        I remember picking up COD World at War, I was so keen to see some Commonwealth troops in it, since the original CODs had Brits in them, then surely Aussies would make an appearance in the Pacific Theatre stuff, right??? Nope :(

      I want to play Battlefield Vietnam: The Line.

    A WW2 game made on cryengine is what we need. I'm already starting to get my money ready to throw at the screen when someone does this.

    Why not WW1 shooters? I mean, if there was one, I'd be interested. If shooters had a realistic healing system where you must get alcohol, bandages, scalpels and morphine, then the whole gameplay would feel more authentic. We know we are tired of the future warfare stuff where Russia and USA fight over and over again, and it's probably about time game devs go back to basics and fresher settings, if not ingenuous...

      I know right, it's an interesting time and needs more exploration, could definitely provide a strong story about the horrors of war etc. The only WW1 shooter I can think of is that RCd (in Australia) game Necrovision, though that went supernatural after only a couple of levels. :( Oh, and Darkest of Days had a bit I think, everyone hated that game but I thought it was totally ace...

    I think I've experienced everything I saw in this trailer in the first 2 COD games. Hopefully they bring something new to the experience. A lot happened in the WW2 era and I don't really want to play as the US Airborne again.

    You know what this game needs? Zombies. That way we can complain like it's 2007 AND 2013.

    I DON'T want more WW2 games. I want FANTASTICAL games. ESCAPES from reality. WW2 is the past. Why not have more game where you blow up ALIENS with CRAZY BFGs, instead of NAZIs with SMGs.

    The only WW2 shooter I enjoyed was Sniper Elite V2 because it was a good experience. But we need to go back to the days of DooM, Unreal, and Quake! Not CoD 1, Medal of Honor, and BF 1942.

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