Hey, It's Another Game Of Thrones Trailer

I've just finished one of the greatest TV experiences of my life in True Detective, and now I'm ready to bring the delightful medieval soap opera that is Game of Thrones back into my life.

This is just perfect timing. Just as I was about to slip into a Rust-style month of nihilism, now I have something else to get excited about! Murder! Intrigue! Killing off all the characters in the whole world! Game of Thrones is great and I can't wait for it to come back.

Also: this trailer has a lot of Dragons. That's a positive.


    I don't think anything is going to top TRUE DETECTIVE for a long, long time. It was so good, they're going to have to pull out *all* the stops for season 2, which is an all new cast, an all new story etc. Cannot wait for it!

    GOT season 4, is going to be very interesting indeed and I can't wait for it :D we're definitely living in what I'd term the golden age of television right now are we not?

    Anyone posts True Detective spoilers and I will hunt them for sport.


    Here's a spoiler:


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    Alright, someone sell me on True Detective. It seems to have popped up out of nowhere as something that everyone is suddenly very excited about. What's the brouhaha about?

    Avoiding spoilers would probably be advisable if you don't want Patrick Bateman to drop a chainsaw on your head.

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