How Much It Would Cost To Be Captain America

How Much It Would Cost To Be Captain America

We could get off relatively cheap without his vibranium shield, and even with the shield, it would be still nothing compared to building Iron Man — at least according to this financial breakdown of how much being Captain America would cost.

Too bad vibranium metal doesn't exist. It'd be cheaper to equip an army of Captain Americas than to build a fleet of F-35 fighters.

How much would it cost to be Captain America [YouTube]


    -- Pedant mode, activate! --

    Makes the usual mistake of multiplying figures with single significant figures to get a result with ten significant figures. You can't add "about a thousand dollars" to "about fifty million dollars" and get $50,001,000.

    In any case, the only one of these costs borne by the Captain is the groceries, so that's the actual cost of being Captain America.

    -- Pedant mode, deactivate! --

    "How much it would cost to be Captain America ?" It's not like he pays for things himself.

    If countless Republican politicians have taught me, "YOU CAN'T PUT A PRICE ON FREEDOM!!!"

    Unless of course, there's a Democrat president - then the cost is always too high.

    /the more you know (tm)

    The cost of refining and manufacturing the vibranium into the shield would have been a pittance,, it would have only been apparent after they made that they squandered such a finite resource, hence the price sudden;y skyrockets.

    These things are so stupid.

    Firstly the costume prices. He has three costume looks in the films. That doesn't equal just three costumes. Especially seeing we've seen the costumes get destroyed. As well as the fact you just multiplied the current day costume cost by three. Which also is quite low.

    Real answer: it doesn't cost anything extraordinary to BE captain america. The military has paid for far more expensive, less useful things. They've got this.

    rubbish - his uniform could not be broken down in to those parts. as if he wears off the shelf $20 gloves.

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