Huge PlayStation Fan Makes Real-Life Platinum Trophy

Huge PlayStation Fan Makes Real-Life Platinum Trophy

Ronny, aka blackangel887462, is one of the most dedicated PlayStation gamer son the planet, having racked up over 500 platinum trophies. A feat which he decided to have commemorated with a real platinum trophy.

He had two companies work with him to produce the replica; one built the actual trophy (in three pieces), while another firm closer to his home in Germany (a "specialist" in working with acrylics) spent a few extra months improving and assembling the piece.

Platinum #500 & Real-Life-Platin [Blog]


    Trophies are terrible... for starters anyone with a CFW ps3 can hack them

    one of the most dedicated PlayStation gamer son the planet

    Luke, you never fail to entertain. My 7 year old is after your job, be afraid.

    As for the story, I thought it was bad when you buy your own trophy but making your own trophy is on another level of sadness.

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      I seriously had to re-read "gamer son the planet" a couple of times to understand what he was trying to say *facepalm*

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    From the title, I thought he had made a Platinum Trophy out of actual platinum.

    But it's actually the much more mundane and much less expensive acrylic.

    I have friends who want to do this and they've only got one Platinum.

    well I guess when he tells people he's platinumed over 500 games and they ask him'what have you got to show for it?' he now has something to reply with...

    That said, I don't think I've owned even close to 500 games in my life, let alone since 2008 when trophies came into existence. I wonder how many of the multiplayer trophies he actually earned properly and didn't just farm the trophies using two PS3s and just standing around in one while 'earning' trophies with another account

    Sony, give the guy something cool. A year of free games or something. That is hardcore dedication.

      yes. Give the guy some free games because he is buying your games. sound business plan.

        Yeah, giving one die-hard fan some free games is going to throw their business model into disarray. Really?

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