I Bought An Australian Video Game Called 'Bonza' And It's... Bonza

Yes, there is a video game called 'Bonza'. And guess what? It's pretty bonza. One might say it's a bit of a bloody ripper... mate.

I've written about Bonza before, but now that it's out and I've gotten a chance to play the thing, I thought it might be worth a little reminder.

Bonza is a word game. It's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle with words. That's the best way to describe it. It's a game that I've really enjoyed, but it's also a game that I suspect anyone could love. It starts out slow, a little easy, before slamming you with some seriously brain bending puzzles.

It's one of those games that barely requires explaining. If you watch the video above you'll get it. Instantly. It's an idea so simple I can't believe it hasn't been done yet.

Also — it's called Bonza. Come on everyone. I think a game called bonza absolutely needs to be supported!


    Foolish Serrels! You must find and devour the seven crystal babies, or spend eternity trapped in deep didgeridoo!

    Thanks for posting this, I noted it in the first post about it, but sure enough I complete forgot after that. This time it actually exists and I can go download it, instead of going 'That looks cool, I hope I remember about it in two months'.

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