I Can’t Believe These Graphics Are Running In A Browser

I Can’t Believe These Graphics Are Running In A Browser

And to think, before Unity caught on, the words “browser game” used to be cause for laughter. The future, though, could be even better, as Epic has shown off a version of its Unreal Engine 4 that’s running in Firefox.

Mozilla says they’re running without plugins, and that they’re at “near-native speeds”.



  • The demo would be 100x more interesting if we could view it in a browser as intended, instead of them just releasing a video of it. Hey Epic, publish a demo website or it didn’t happen.

  • I wish they would actually give us a love demo site to visit. Still, I’d hate to be the server pushing that content. What’d you be looking at, 300MB, 600MB, maybe more worth of assets for that tech demo? This is amazing tech but until we can actually see it in action and have access to networks that can support it, it’s gonna be a long wait.

  • Bah. Unity is old news. Most of the people I know use it just for the editor, and switch to using THREE.js using WebGL for the actual renderer.

    Unity is full of dev lifecycle issues – like for example you still have to compile everything for each device to run as a dedicated app.. Meaning there’s very often a vast difference in quality between the same software on different platforms..

    And obviously running in a browser it requires an extension.. Not the end of the world, but it is yet another hurdle to adoption on a meaningful scale.

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