I Can't Stop Laughing At Sega's Sonic-Zelda Crossover

I Can't Stop Laughing At Sega's Sonic-Zelda Crossover

There is free Zelda-themed DLC coming out for Sonic: Lost World. It's out tomorrow on the Wii U eShop, and IGN's got one of their exclusive preview things right here. (The gist: Sonic gets to run around a zone filled with Zelda references.)

More importantly, look at that screenshot. LOOK AT IT. Sonic the Hedgehog is in Hyrule, wearing a Link hat and tunic. It's AMAZING. I guess Sega finally got all the fanfiction I've been mailing them.

Bonus Sonic/Triforce GIF:

I Can't Stop Laughing At Sega's Sonic-Zelda Crossover


    Not even Sonic can save the Zelda franchise.

      I think that should be the other way around

        Got to agree there...I'm pretty sure Sonic needs help, not Zelda.

          Well, it is dangerous to go alone.

            That's unneccessary!

            All I need is my smashing board!

          Well, now that Sonic isn't just beautifully disguised Quick Time Events (Unleashed and Generations), he can't be anywhere but on the rise. Lost World is probably one of the best Platformers released in the last ten years, it actually requires you to think and make choices while you play.

      Wait, you either meant it the other way around or you haven't played the last few Zelda games.

    I wonder if this is some distant, nerdy echo of how it feels for war veterans to see their grandkids cavorting around with the grandkids of that nationality you spent the most intense years of your life trying to kill and avoid being killed by.

    Sega and Nintendo... collaborating.
    DID YOU FIGHT IN THE CONSOLE WARS, SON? Not your pansy little x-station playbox crap, I'm talking BLOODY DECAPITATIONS of mascots published - IN PRINT - in rival magazines!

      Wow, this console war sounded pretty intense; I'm jealous! Unfortunately, I'm one of those young 'uns who only joined the gaming war when it was PS2 vs. Xbox, and I had a Gamecube...

      NO SIR!, I served with the Commadore 64th...though I don't really remember that time too well..CASSETTE!!!!~! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!.., before being transferred to Amigas A1200s, charged with amassing a stockpile of generic 2.5" floppies and poorly photocopied posters when colour was literally key. We were Switzerland, we were neutral, profiting from any ports that came our way, while making our own munitions.

      (Not 100% sure that was the Amiga model we had, could have been a A500 or A600 model, all I remember is I played Pang, Flood, Treasure Island Dizzy, Action Fighter, The Chaos Engine, Fire & Ice - The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote, and a few others ad nauseum, oh and Parasol Stars with my younger brother, we really pissed each other off with the throw player mechanic in that one, and fighting over who was the big ship in Blasteroids for the supership docking.)

      Damn it now I want to fire up WinUAE...

      Last edited 27/03/14 11:41 pm

      I remember well. There was no smell I loved better in the morning than that of Sega fans' tears when it was revealed that their Super Street Fighter II was unequivocally technically inferior than ours, and their cruel retaliation once it was revealed that our Mortal Kombat wouldn't have blood... War is hell, but I kinda miss it.

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