I Want A Giant Cat To Carry Me To Work, Too

I Want a Giant Cat To Carry Me To Work, Too

Morning commutes in big Japanese cities are notoriously awful. If only people had giant cats to keep them company!

The most recent commercial for Fit's chewing gum is one of the more memorable Japanese commercials of late.

The commercial marks the fact that the gum's flavour lasts for fifty minutes and the song's refrain keeps saying how chewing puts you in a good mood. Pretty sure it's the giant cat doing that, but ok.

And I hope this doesn't ruin any illusions, but here's how they made the commercial (hint: giant cats are not real).

ロッテ Fit's LINK CM :: ゴキゲン出勤篇 [[email protected]]


    I don't think Brian has ever been to Japan...It's the land of giant everything. There are giant mechs, giant dinosaurs, even giant moths that the dinosaurs fight! Brian has obviously confused the above documentary on life in Japan, with a gum commercial.

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      don't forget giant school girls sitting on trains.

    Can you imagine the cat breath that would come out of one of them? your work clothes will smell like tuna forever.

    Also I see apart from the giant cats there is no other side effects from the irradiated fish problem japan has..........

      There's been plenty of lay concern about that, but the only peer-reviewed paper I've seen on the radiation problem with sea animals concluded that the increase in radioactivity from Fukushima-caused contamination is around 1/20th the amount already present due to high natural levels of potassium. Do you have any other papers on the topic I can read?

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