If Robin Hood Starred In Metal Gear

He robs from the rich and gives to the poor; he also navigates high-tech compounds and dodges robot enemies like Solid Snake.

That’s the setup of Volume , the in-development stealth game from Thomas Was Alone-creator Mike Bithell. I caught up with Bithell at GDC earlier this week and he gave me a demo of an early version of the game.

It looks cool, a combination of Robin Hood’s story, Metal Gear Solid‘s VR stealth levels, and Mark of the Ninja‘s transparent stealth design. Bithell says that Ninja was definitely an influence — in both games, you can clearly see things like enemy line-of-sight and noise radius. One big difference is that in Volume, you can’t kill enemies, so every level will remain fully staffed with guards until you clear it.

Watch Bithell walk me through the basics in the video above. He says the game will hopefully be out this year, first as a one-month exclusive on PS4 and Vita, and then on PC.


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