If Sony Had A PlayStation All-Stars Racer, It Would Probably Look Like This

Dayshot: If Sony had a PlayStation All-Stars racer, similar to Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing and Mario Kart, it would probably look like this. The creators, Max and Leonardo, pretty much included everyone, as you can see in the full pic below. This would be Wacky Races level of chaotic racing.

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    It would look nothing like that, only 13 and a half of those 30 would be in the game, not including recoloured Cole.

    gee, now i wish Playstation All Stars had of been a racing game instead of Super smash clone

    and it would probably play like Little Big Planet Karting or whatever it was called and make me go back to playing Mario Kart and/or Sonic & SEGA Allstar Racing

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