Dayshot: Proof That The Cult Of Helix Fossil Is A Serious Thing

If you had any doubt that the cult of Helix fossil, one of the "religions" formed around Twitch Plays Pokémon, is a serious thing, here's proof. Someone sprayed this masterpiece recently on a seemingly useless cement block, in front of a school. This must be one of those moments when graffiti becomes art instead of vandalism.

Praise Helix [ModernVampyresOfTheCity, Tumblr]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    Graffiti is never art.
    I can appreciate the art they create, but it's never ok to deface people's property to create art.

      It's never art.
      Refer to it as art twice in the next sentence.

      Ever heard of banksy?

        The artist who couldn't sell artwork unless his name was attached to them?

      It is art.

      It is also vandalism though, so your point stands,

        His point that graffiti is *never* art still stands despite you saying it is art?

          More the point that you shouldn't deface other people's property. Saying it's not art isn't really true (art is a subjective thing), but saying that it's vandalism definitely is.

      There's definitely a difference between shitty "tags" and actual "streetart".
      Whether or not the streetart is illegally placed I don't think changes its quality.

      Congrats on having quite the divisive comment!

    Ok back on topic ladies. I guess the "Twitch plays pokemon" creator's social experiment is fronting some serious results..

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