Briefly: If You're Hanging Out For Driveclub, It Might Be A While

Sony's Scott Rohde tells IGN the game went "back to the drawing board" last year so they can "make sure the game is great before we ship it."


    this is such typical Sony bullcrap...

    #driveclub #nevercomingout
    by the time it's out Xbox one will have forza horizon2 and forza6

    There must be something wrong with my tablet; it's only loading the first sentence of the article...

    If you're trying to step in for Gran Turismo that doesn't mean you have to be perpetually delayed like Gran Turismo! :p

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      haha touche!

      I must say though... "back to the drawing board", sounds more than just "make sure the game is great", it's a complete retooling.....

      At first I was thinking how annoying it was considering how few decent games are available for the new consoles. But, ya know, people have such short memories. All console launches are like this. You go from a system with a large install base and years worth of games, to one with very few of both. So, yeah, I'll just wait a little longer :p

    At this rate Xbox One will have a new Forza Horizon before driveclub is out.

    Does no one proof read their work? Sony's Sony's needs to be edited...

    "So we can make sure it's obsolete before we ship"

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    "Back to the drawing board"...Hopefully they have didn't wipe out the info on the drawing board beforehand...So I have to wait a little longer. Then again I don't have a PS4 yet (and no this game is not the reason why)

    I wonder what game will come out first - Driveclub or The Crew??

      I think The Crew is probably the reason that DriveClub is delayed - (the idea of) that game is amazing

    Couldn't this be another VR hint?
    People say you can't simply port a game into VR, so assuming this game was in development before they got a Sony VR dev kit (assuming the rumors are true), it would make sense that the game would have to be taken back to the drawing board to get the games core functionality working for VR.

    Can anyone else see that?

      I'd really like to see that... but it probably isn't that.

    This was supposed to be the first free game on PS+ for PS4, wasn't it? Ouch...

      Yeah it was...but the difference was that the PS+ version would be missing some cars and tracks which would be available via micro-transactions where as the box copy has all of it...

        Ah, I see. I was always a bit confused by why it was advertised on sale when I thought it was free. Cheers!

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