Indie Game Studio Survives 20 Years, Makes A Wild Video About It

Indie Game Studio Survives 20 Years, Makes A Wild Video About It

When you're a company that's created beloved game series like Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank, there's a lot to be proud of. But this grunge/rap music video that Ted Price and crew made to celebrate on Insomniac Games' 20th anniversary? This might be their shining achievement.

This goofy clip runs down some of the highlight of Insomniac's two-decade timeline — so no mention of Fuse — and features a lot of wigs. Like, a lot. There's a lot to laugh at here but let's all take a moment to remember that surviving as an independent game developer for 20 years — against a backdrop of shut-downs and dead-end acquisitions — is a pretty significant accomplishment. The next game due from Insomniac is the online open-world shooter Sunset Overdrive . Let's all hope they make a music video to commemorate that. Something that leans on, say, surf rock?


    They are a wonderful studio and they make really great games.

      They have made some great games.

      And then there's Fuse...

        It looked so promising in the first trailer, then i think it became a victim of 'design by committee' and the suits had their way all in the name of making money. Damn shame.

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