Indie Shooter Inspired By Badass Battlefield Gifs

Indie Shooter Inspired By Badass Battlefield Gifs

You know, as important as it is to have games taking inspiration from classic literature, philosophy and the human spirit, sometimes it's nice to hear a developer say you know what, screw it, we made this game because we were playing two other games that were awesome.

So it is with Jetgetters, a game that's got me interested because it sounds like it's coming from the same place the once-excellent Battlefield Heroes did: breaking multiplayer shooters down to their essence, a simple hook (or two), then replacing ruined alleys with bright, colourful arenas.

Only this time the use of hooks is a little more literal.

"So what we did was, we were taking some time off, you know, a couple of hours per day, and Tom was playing Just Cause 2, I was playing Battlefield 3", Alex Nichiporchik tells Rock Paper Shotgun of JetGetter's inspiration. "And there was just a spontaneous .gif exchange on Skype, where I was sharing .gifs of Battlefield 3 and people jumping out of jets, and Tom was doing the same for Just Cause 2. And that basically where we got the idea.

Nichiporchik adds that "eventually we ended up on the idea that, hey, let's just make a game where you have to jump out of jets. And that's basically how it went, and so far it's shaped up alright, I guess? But that's like where it came from. So Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 3."

JetGetters takes the jet combat of Battlefield, throws in Just Cause's grappling hook for seizing and riding vehicles, and puts them in the same game. This makes for some crazy action; a typical multiplayer match is described in which a jet takes off with a buddy flying on your wing. Not only is he able to defend you, but he can then seize an attacking jet and suddenly he's no longer your protector, he's your wingman.

It's up on Kickstarter, looking for $US50,000.

JetGetters - Hijack Fighter Jets, Surf Rockets[Kickstarter]

Introducing JetGetters, A Fusion Of Just Cause 2 And BF3 [RPS]


    That looks cool.

    Reminds me of the Star Fox Assault multiplayer, where you could hop out onto the surface of your Arwing and take shots at others. Then usually manage to fall off and have to find another vehicle :P Always seemed like a mechanic that could've been really cool if it was implemented a little better.

    I spotted this one when it went up - makes me think of SkyDrift mashed together with Plain Sight - I just hope there's some decent AI support so we don't end up with yet another really interesting multiplayer game that's dead in a week if it can't sustain player numbers.

      Update: after messaging the devs it looks like AI bots are already in the prototype (currently 'jobbers' like the NPC grunts in Titanfall, but with proper AI players on the cards), and they are possibly considering splitscreen support as well!

    "Not only is he able to defend you, but he can then seize an attacking jet and suddenly he’s no longer your protector, he’s your wingman."
    More likely he will turn around and shoot you down :)

    Looks pretty cool.

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