It Looks Like Optus Has Fixed Its Titanfall Issues

During the Titanfall beta and after the release of the game itself many Optus customers were having difficulties logging onto Titanfall, but Optus now believes it has fixed the situation.

"Our network engineers have continued to investigate the Titanfall access issue that some of our cable broadband customers were experiencing, and over the last few days we implemented a network configuration fix that we believe has resolved the access issue," an Optus spokesperson told Kotaku.

"We are still monitoring traffic to the Titanfall servers to ensure our customers access continues."

On the complaint thread over at the official Optus site, it appears as though most are now able to play Titanfall without issues.

"We’d once again like to thank the customers that got in touch and gave us specifics on their experience with the game," said Optus, "as this really was a great help."


    My brother will be pleased. He bought his XB1 specifically for Titanfall and was devastated when I told him why he was perpetually stuck in the lobby.

    I have had no problems since Friday night - A good result since they indicated they would have it sorted for the weekend and they actually delivered on that, thanks Optus!

    I’m running off an Optus naked DSL connection out of Sydney and had some surprising lag issues last week (150+ ping on the Aussie Beta Server) but no issue getting stuck in the lobby.

    All good now though, been getting sub 50 pings for the past few days.

    Great game, as someone who has never liked COD and who hasn’t enjoyed a Battlefield on a console this is the most fun I’ve had on a multiplayer console FPS since Halo 2.

    Strangely this weekend I've developed issues where I can't connect to the Australian server anymore. It shows as a -1 ping and gets stuck in a search loop.

    Seeing a lot of Aussies on the SE Asia server though so I assume it's not just me. I contacted EA help and they seemed pretty clueless.

      I am still having the same issue, showing -1 ping for Australian server.

        Strangely my access seems to be reinstated, my wife's hasn't. I guess it's intermittent, or just affects some profiles.

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