Japan Pushes The PlayStation 4 To 6 Million Units Sold

Thanks to the release of the console in Japan, the PlayStation 4 has ticked over 6 million units in global sales, marking a successful opening launch period for Sony.

And production finally seems to be keeping pace. After a ropey start in Australia, we're almost at the point where you can walk into a store and actually buy a PlayStation 4 with very little fuss. This means we're starting to get a better idea of the actual demand.

Since its launch in Japan on 22 February, the console has sold 370,000 units.

"I am absolutely delighted that PS4 is off to such a great start in Japan," SCE president Andrew House said.

"The responses we have received for the PS4 system's integrated social capabilities have been phenomenal, and I couldn't be more thrilled that gamers are utilising these unique features to engage, share, play and connect with users around the world. SCE will continue to expand the world of PlayStation by growing its library of breakthrough games and bringing more innovative features and services only possible on PS4."

Have you bought a PlayStation 4 yet, are you planning to? What are your thoughts on your time with the console so far.


    I have a ps4 got it at launch and while its games selection is rather limited thats a problem with any console during launch but I have to say resogun is bloody addictive. Bring on infamous second son

    Unless you buy from EB who are still telling people no stock till later this month. Why people shop at EB is beyond me.

    I've had my PS4 for two months now and I love it! Can't wait till second son hits.

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    Sony really is solidifying it's install base lead at a rapid pace. I don't think there has ever been a case where the more powerful machine has also been the one with the largest market share (not since the NES over the Master System at least).

      The Master System was far more powerful than the NES

      I think the SNES outsold the Megadrive/Genesis by a fair margin, and that was more powerful hardware.

      Although it's also hard to remember a case when the more powerful hardware has also been so much cheaper than the competition.

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        The PS4/Xbox situation is certainly interesting. Usually when the weaker console is the more popular, all the cross-platform games wind up tailored to that first so the more powerful console's performance edge is wasted on poor ports. But now with the PS4 being the better selling and more powerful console, I'm not sure what'll happen.

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