Japan’s Oddest English Book Is Still Wonderfully Strange

Japan’s Oddest English Book Is Still Wonderfully Strange

For students in Japan, it sometimes seems like many are only studying English to pass tests. What fun is that?

English is a tough language — especially for Japanese. In school, they learn all these stiff, formal expressions that might not be useful with dealing with “nama no eigo” (生の英語) or “native English”.

All of this is what makes English Words That Don’t Appear on Tests so great. Since it goes so far astray of typical textbook words and is filled with memorable illustrations, it actually might end up being helpful if the goal is simply expanding one’s vocab — or to giggle at silly sentences.

An ebook was published earlier this year. Previously, Kotaku featured the book, which now has a Twitter account and Facebook page filled with examples. Look below:

A few of the words are helpful. Though, not sure where students could ever use these example sentences, but that’s not really the point.

出ない順試験に出ない英単語 [Facebook]


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