JetGetters, A Jet-Jumping Game Born From The Madness Of Just Cause 2

Multiplayer Just Cause 2 is rather... extreme. It goes to show that give players enough tools and they'll make their own fun. Forever. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to distil this chaos into a game game, and that someone is a collection of someones — a developer by the name of tinyBuild and its game, JetGetters.

The easiest way to describe JetGetters, at least according to developer Alex Nichiporchik, is a combination of Battlefield 3 and Just Cause 2. The gameplay itself, as this article over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun explains, is simple. Two teams with jets, where pilots can jump out, grapple onto other jets and free them of their pilots.

Oh, and rockets.

JetGetters is currently running the Kickstarter gauntlet, with the minimum entry fee being $US10. Whether it'll pull people away from the titles that served as influences remains to be seen, but I'm sure its Team Fortress 2 style graphics and crazy gameplay will find a home somewhere.

JetGetters — Hijack Fighter Jets, Surf Rockets [Kickstarter, via RPS]


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