Kickstarter Increases The Scope Of Gunscape

Local project Gunscape is heading to Kickstarter to fund development of its fast-paced, old-school FPS action with Minecraft-ish level building capabilities, and it's already off to a good start.

Members of SomethingAwful might have already seen the demo for Gunscape posted for anyone to have a play with, and provide feedback to Glen Forrester, who, in addition to working on Gunscape, is famous for his shouting game Gnilley at Sydney's first Game Jam event.

Gunscape has a great old-school Quake look, and aims to make the process of creating a FPS experience accessible. Players can use blocks that look like they belong in Minecraft to build levels, be they single-player, co-op, or multiplayer. These levels can then be voted on by the community, so you'll never run out of content.

It's a similar concept to the TrackMania or ShootMania games, but with a different kind of business model which focuses on the ability to create. Playing the game is free, and low levels of backing will get you more avatars and extras, but those who pay a little more earn the right to create. It's an interesting idea that in all likelihood will provide a larger playerbase for those who are interested in creating. I'm keen to see how it pans out.

They're asking the community for what they think should be additional stretch goals, as is their style, and Forrester has been quite active on Twitter letting everyone know what work has been done every day. At the $50,000 stretch goal is support for the Oculus Rift, which would be very exciting indeed. Can you imagine doing these trick jumps displayed in the video in VR?

Head to the Kickstarter to find out more, or check out the Gunscape demo now.


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