Kids Discover Rotary Phones, Everyone Else Feels Really Old

There was a time when we didn't need games on our phones, because every phone came with a built-in game of roundabouts. Kids today have no idea what they missed, and don't seem too impressed when they find out.

For my children's first birthdays, my sister got them a pair of those classic Fisher Price phone toys, as seen in Toy Story 3.

Kids Discover Rotary Phones, Everyone Else Feels Really Old

My initial reaction was "How the hell are they going to know what this is?" To them, phones are flat rectangles that play games. A rotary phone must look like some strange mechanical beast to them.

Strangely enough, and despite never having seen a phone receiver proper, they seemed to understand how it was supposed to work, unlike the children in TheFineBros latest Kids React video. They just make me feel so very old. Does anyone have a shawl?


    I'm laughing at the 13 year old kid who's like "why are you even showing this to me, clearly it's an odler telephone, I'm not that young, jesus"

    This makes me nostalgic for the good old days when I could spend some time on the throne without getting emails.

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    I always find it odd that adults think kids are so out of touch with the world that they have no idea that old technology existed.

      Yeah. Hand cranked starters haven't been used on cars since long before I was born, but it never blew my mind that they existed. Morse code and the telegraph weren't confusing. The milkman is pretty self explanatory. I didn't give them much thought so a mistake or two about how they worked day to day is forgivable, but they're not concepts that I couldn't wrap my head around as a child.
      If as an adult modern phones seem like such a huge leap to you then maybe you're the one who struggles to understand technology you weren't raised with. =P

        Yeah, I didn't freak out over how rotary phones worked when I was a kid. If kids today would freak over it then maybe they're the ones struggling with how technology works if something that's "simpler" is harder to understand.

    So did it have like 2G or something??

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