Killzone Shadow Fall's First Multiplayer Expansion Detailed, Two Free Multiplayer Maps Released.

Coming in April, The Insurgency Pack adds the Insurgent class, along with new weapons, abilities and Elite Mode difficulty for singleplayer. The Cruiser and Hangar multiplayer maps are available free today.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for more info.


    No mention of the game not running at 1080p? #Resolutiongate

    Game looks cool but the shitty FOV, drives me crazy.

    I wish DLCs for FPSs would sometimes focus on adding new single player missions and not just new multiplayer maps

    Also, congrats on the article which is basically "read the news release about this, I'm too lazy to even c&p it here or even create a link to it"

    KZ has always been releasing free content.
    FPS used to do this as norm on the pc all through the 90s and 00s till console got dlc then they charged for it on PC just like console.
    When I see an exception though like this it makes me happy.
    Still it got nothing on CD Projekt and its old school customer treatment of HEAPs of free SP content.

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