Latest Wolfenstein Trailer Shows A Pretty Messed-Up Nazi Card Game

Nazi coffee. Nazi robots. Nazi cigarettes. Nazi old ladies. Nazi psych tests. This new teaser for the upcoming alternate reality take on the Wolfenstein franchise doesn't offer up any gunplay but it does give a glimpse into the messed-up psychology of a world where the Third Reich won out.

Knowing what we now know about Blazkowicz, it's an open question as to whether he would have passed. Maybe we'll find out when Wolfenstein: The New Order comes out in May.


    Looks pretty damn cool, that's not the pc version though is it?

      I'm assuming not, especially because it's listed under Xbox. =)

        Because kotaku always puts things in the right categories? Ive seen pc articles tagged in nintendo pages etc.

    Very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    It was obviously the spider!

    Last edited 23/03/14 11:38 am

    Bubi's mouth is weird, I couldn't stop looking at it during the trailer, especial after he takes a drag of the cigarette.

    Looking forward to this. Love Wolfenstein and it being reimagined in the 50's as if the Nazi's won and tech progression changed it a very cool idea to take the series.

    I hope they don't COD it though. RTCW and even the last game had a hub world and proper open level shooting and not the set piece after scripted set piece crap of modern shooters.

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