LEGO Keyboard Actually Works As Real Keyboard

LEGO Keyboard Actually Works As Real Keyboard

I'm not sure what's most impressive here. The mere fact this looks like a working keyboard, the fact it works like a real keyboard, or that instead of a "Home" button it's got a little house that you press.

Builder Jason Allemann's keyboard is built entirely using existing LEGO pieces, which means that while most of the letter keys are playing it straight, most of the special function keys are hilariously adlib. "Caps" lock is the best.

Functioning Lego keyboard [Brothers Brick]


    This article made me realise that I've never pressed my 'Home' button.

      Just pressed mine; took me to Google. Yay I guess? Why is this not obsolete as of a decade or so ago? ahaha

        I don't know how either of you live!

        I use Home all the time. To get to the start of a line of text, or with Shift to highlight it, with Ctrl to get to the top of a page (or without if it's just a webpage), or with Alt to get to my home page. Extremely useful button.

        Now Scroll Lock on the other hand...

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          Ahh, well my keyboard has the Home button above the Function keys, so it's really useless being so *far* away. I don't think my actual 'Home key' is binded to 7 on the keypad unlike the keyboard I'm using atm, so that's probably why.

        Programming and typing any large article make it easier with the home and end keys.

          This. I use the Home key hundreds of times every day. Mainly for programming, but also to quickly get from the bottom of a long webpage back to the top so I can use the top menu bar.

            Completely forgot about using for that as well. Much easier than scrolling or even pressing middle-mouse-key and dragging down.

    A REALLY obsolete key is 'Sys Rq.' That key doesn't actually do anything.

      My SysRq is on the same key as Prnt Scrn, so it gets used quite a bit.

    Woah! The entire mechanism is built on a layer of Lego technics axels. I know the article said entirely from Lego, but I wasn't expecting that! Incredible.

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